Sunday, March 26th, 2017

July 2016 – Few topics can get people talking as quickly as the role of data in today’s society. Nintendo just illustrated the impact a simple game can have on society on a global scale with the release of its Pokémon Go game. The future of data and data analysis was addressed in great detail [...]

 July 2016, The Legend of Zelda is a franchise that is near and dear to so many people. For some people it is a franchise that defined a majority of their childhood for video gaming. So everyone was excited when rumors began spreading that Nintendo would be announcing a new installment to the series at [...]

June 2016, A lot of the focus at E3 is on games that will be coming out in the Fall or early the next year but there are a lot of games at E3 that have already come out and are looking to gain traction. One such game at E3 this year was Killing Floor [...]

June 2016 – In San Diego, CA the Evonexus Digital Media SIG hosted a distinguished panel of experts comprising David J. Mowrey, VP of Product Management at Clearleap, Steve Adler, CTO of MyTVStudio and Jamie Howard former CEO of Imagine Communications, to discuss the current and emerging technical and business challenges of delivering high quality [...]

June 2016 – What does Birdseye Frozen Foods, Five Hour Energy and Netflicks have in common? They are all examples of successful application of the concepts now described as part of the discipline of Category Design. This discipline was the topic of discussion during the June 21st Open Forum Event hosted by the Churchill Club [...]

March 2016 – The ongoing success of the private sector relies in large measure on its ability to commercialize innovative research and intellectual property, business transactions, and financial data. Failing to secure this vital digital information, and the systems that hold it, inevitably leads to lost market share, fewer customers and corporate breakdown for the [...]

March 2016 – In the structuring of a security solution for an enterprise, reporting and documentation hold important roles as support for technology solutions. The reporting and operating procedures help designate the liability and cost of remediation in the event of a security incident. Prior to placing systems online, senior management should review privacy and [...]

March 2016 – A topic of discussion at the San Francisco RSA Conference this year was the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and issues related to it with the integration of security. Attackers leverage weaknesses in all platforms to pivot across the enterprise. System administrators and managers need solutions that allow them to monitor applications [...]

March 2016 – One of the dominant topics at the RSA Conference in San Francisco for the Enterprise environment was authentication and signon for users with authorization. While there were a large number of companies addressing externally generated threats to the data centers and cloud services, a number of companies were focusing on challenges of [...]

Inviting people into your business is a well known process. In big businesses with big offices they’ll have a visitor management system at the front door. You get a nametag when you walk in. Folks who are there more frequently may have badges or keys. In today’s connected world it’s not only people in your [...]