Sunday, March 26th, 2017

April 2016 - At the end of the day, the market is more and more competitive and we need our customers not only survive but also thrive – stated Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications (IC), moderator of the power session “Transformation 2016: Media Technology Using IP, Cloud and Virtualization”. The session that took place at [...]

April 2016 - Two years ago when we started to talk about IP and a question was – Can we do it? A year ago we were asking – Should we do it? This year a question is – How we do it? Steve Reynolds from Imagine Communications was describing the inception of AIMS, Alliance for [...]

April 2016, NAB – Voice and language which is the most natural modalities we acquired since birth. No wonder that we are searching for communication with devices using our voice and language. Nuance Communications, has developed products that provide speech and imaging applications, is a leader in this area. If a customer uses voice commands [...]

 April 2016 – At the start of NAB, SMPTE held the Digital Cinema Summit. The highlight speaker was Ang Lee who spoke following a discussion that HDR was not a tradeoff for future films, but was a technology that must be adopted due to its benefits in the story telling and immersive aspects of films. [...]

February 2015 – The 2016 Digital Entertainment World event featured a track on gaming and its current interaction with Hollywood. The two paths have been separate in the past, as gaming was interactive and Hollywood was a passive experience. The mix of platforms these forms of entertainment are now available on has shifted the separation [...]

February 2016 – At the exhibit area of the DEW conference startup Production Pro was showing their visualization system that works with scripts. The tool will create a timeline based storyboard template with the scenes taken from the word doc or PDF of a script. At this time, the standard cinema / TV script formats [...]

The Women’s International Music Network was founded in 2012 and it came about in an organic fashion, stated Laura Whitmore, its founder. As a journalist, she interviewed many female musicians and she came across the same stories again and again. One story literally blew her mind. Whitmore heard from a 70-years old female performer. After [...]

October 2015 – At the JPR Virtualize conference, a panel discussion talked about gaming and virtualization. Gaming has been graphics intensive for a long time and has been dominated by dedicated single user arcade games and single site multi-player consoles. This has shifted over the past decade to being cloud based and supporting MMO architectures. [...]

 October 2015 – The lunchtime plenary session at the SF Bio Investor Forum event featured a fireside chat with BioTech investor Robert Nelsen. Robert described himself as a self-motivated investor who started his investment in projects at age 11. His key strategy today and main personal belief on investing is that science and technology matters, [...]

August 2015 – At the annual JPR Press luncheon at SIGGRAPH, Jon Peddie, in his introduction, pointed out that CG market grows exponential. Everything that we count is growing up – said Jon – It is not because we can do more now but because it costs less that used to be. Tools are better, [...]