Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

February 2016 – Fathom Events continues to search out new and unique content to be shown to the digital cinema environment. In addition to live theater and classic movie event, they have a strong passion for concerts and concert films. Continuing this trend, they have located a never-before-seen documentary that draws heavily from the archives [...]

February 2016 – A rare double feature is being presented by Fathom Events. An Evening with Neil Young will be presenting a special, one-night screening of the post-apocalyptic musical comedy, “Human Highway,” along with the Young’s iconic concert feature, “Rust Never Sleeps,” in select movie theaters nationwide. The double feature will be accompanied with a [...]

February 2016 – Fathom Events brought a live concert experience to the big screens in the theaters this past week. The event was a full length screening in multi-speaker surround sound of the concert film Stages Live from Josh Groban’s latest world wide tour. The concert was filmed at the Los Angeles Theater in downtown [...]

December 2015 – Fathom Events in continuation of bringing out live performance and classic entertainment brought the Lincoln Center performance events to big screen. In time for the holidays, they presented the New York City Ballet performing George Balanchine’s adaptation of The Nutcracker. Performed on the massive stage at Lincoln Center, the event featured a [...]

November 2015 – On November 10 Fathom Events, National Theatre Live and BY Experience presented a performance of Hamlet for a special one night encore at various theaters in United States. Academy Award nominee Benedict Cumberbatch played title role in Lyndsey Turner’s production of “Hamlet” produced by Sonia Friedman Productions and presented by the Barbican, [...]

August 11, 2015, Siggraph, Los Angeles– Sebastian Sylwan from Felix & Paul Studios moderated this panel with panelists including Michael Whipple from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Alex Fry, compositing and color pipeline supervisor (“The Lego Movie”, “The Great Gatsby”), Chris Davies, technical director, Skylab (“Chappie”, “Elysium”), Marie Fetiveau from Rodeo FX . The main issue is [...]

August 11, 2015, Siggraph, Los Angeles—Part of the team from Pixar Animation Studios that developed the short “Lava” talked about the whole process. The group included James Murphy, Director, Colin Levy, Camera Supervisor, Aaron Hartline, Supervising Animator, Austin Lee, Modeling & Rigging Lead, Dirk Van Gelder, Real-Time Software Development, Byron Bashforth, Shading & Painting Lead, [...]

August 11, 2015, Siggraph, Los Angeles—Tim Foley from Nvidia provided an overview of the latest generation of APIs for graphics work on various platforms. These new APIs are emerging as systems become performance and power limited. The new generation of APIs include Vulkan, D3D12 (or DX12) and Metal. The rationale for the new languages is [...]

August 10, 2015, Siggraph, Los Angeles—A group from Walt Disney Animation Studios including Hank Driskill, Technical Supervisor, Larry Wu, Environment CG Supervisor, Adolph Lusinsky, Director of Cinematography, Lighting, and Sean D. Jenkins, Technical Supervisor for Disney’s Hyperion Renderer described their efforts in making the settings for “Big Hero 6″. Driskill opened with the important statement [...]

June 2015, E3 is video gaming’s biggest stage without question. Almost every big name in the industry saves their biggest announcements for the show. There are always several games with a lot of ‘hype’ surrounding them that are announced or that will have playable demonstrations for the first time. Battlefront and The Division are two [...]