Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Flash Memory Summit, August 2016 – The process of consumerization of flash memory started around 2004. This year NAND prices drop below DRAM prices for the first time at the same density. Panasonic and Sanyo launched the first flash-based camcorders. SanDisk inaugurated Flash Sansa MP3 players. In 2005 NAND revenue exceeded $10 billion when Apple [...]

Flash Memory Summit, August 2016 – Flash memory is the enabling technology for most of the mobile devices today. It allows for very high capacities of storage for things like music, voice, photos and videos to be stored for long periods of time, without needing power to store the information when it is not being [...]

March 2016 – The ongoing success of the private sector relies in large measure on its ability to commercialize innovative research and intellectual property, business transactions, and financial data. Failing to secure this vital digital information, and the systems that hold it, inevitably leads to lost market share, fewer customers and corporate breakdown for the [...]

March 2016 – In the structuring of a security solution for an enterprise, reporting and documentation hold important roles as support for technology solutions. The reporting and operating procedures help designate the liability and cost of remediation in the event of a security incident. Prior to placing systems online, senior management should review privacy and [...]

March 2016 – A topic of discussion at the San Francisco RSA Conference this year was the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and issues related to it with the integration of security. Attackers leverage weaknesses in all platforms to pivot across the enterprise. System administrators and managers need solutions that allow them to monitor applications [...]

December 1, 2015 – This is call to the community request by the current renovators of the Palace Theater. M&E Tech is not part of the organization, but supports the cause and the management team. S.O.S. SAVE THE PALACE THEATER!!! DEADLINE DECEMBER 5TH!!! 4 DAYS LEFT!!! $100 THOUSAND PLEDGED!! ONLY $400 THOUSAND MORE NEEDED TO [...]

Jennifer Grannik of Stanford August 2015- The keynote address at this year’s Black Hat conference was given by Jennifer Grannik. She is the Director of Civil Liberties at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society. She is famous with the cyber community for defending some of the more notorious criminal hackers in history, including Kevin [...]

July 2015 – At the Accenture offices in San Jose, the Churchill club held a discussion on the direction and status of the Connected home. The discussion was moderated by Accenture and featured speakers from Forrester Research, Intel, Qualcomm and Nest Home Kit. The discussion focused on the realities of the connected home, as state [...]

January 2015, The new Common Core guidelines for math and science seem to be flawed. At the middle school levels, the guidelines call for students to show mastery of the content by being able to prove that a digital representation is the best one. This contention might be true if you are talking bit-level accuracy [...]

December 2014 – At the 60th IEDM (International Electron Device Meeting) they held their awards luncheon to recognize key contributors to the device processing and device development community. Along with the awards ceremony, there was a lunch time keynote presentation. This year’s speaker was TJ Rogers founder of Cypress Semiconductor and Solar cell/panel manufacturer SunPower, [...]