Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

June 2015, There were a number of different companies that had their own virtual reality experiences represented at E3 and they varied from very interesting and promising to not so great. . Each company adopted a different approach for their VR technology. The technology offerings from AntVR, Vuzix and Oculus were evaluated for this article. [...]

June 2015 – One of the best ways to improve the throughput and response time of the Mac books and other Mac models is to replace the standard rotating media HDD with an SSD. A long time leader in the SSD marketplace and one of the first suppliers in the Mac market OWC has made [...]

June 2015 – At the Showstoppers events just before WWDC in San Francisco, Home Advisor was presenting their newest offering. A mobile app designed for the Apple Watch. Home Advisor is currently the largest home repair and remodel referral site on the web, and the new app increases the ease of use of the site. [...]

June 2015 – Just before WWDC in San Francisco, Showstoppers held a press event to highlight some of the vendors and suppliers appearing at the conference. One of the announcements was from Parallels which was showing off their Desktop 10 product. The software is targeted at both developers and business professionals who have a requirement [...]

June 2015 – At the SID Display Week show, Tianma NLT was showing a number of their high resolution and specialty OEM displays. The group both designs, develops and manufactures their own displays, but they provide access to this capability to their customers for consumer, medical, industrial and for touch screen applications. Their touch screens [...]

 June 2015, LOOT Interactive is an indie publisher that had several of their games on display at E3 this year and they all have their own niche that they fill. Indie games in general are very different than more mainstream gaming experiences, mainly because they don’t get the massive budget that ‘AAA’ games like Call [...]

 June 2015 – At the SID Display Week 2015, Corning was showing their advancements in the availability of their 100 micron thick flexible Willow glass and their high performance Lotus NXT glass. The Willow glass has been introduced tot he market for several years and is a high performance roll processing glass. As the transition [...]

May 2015 – At the connections conference, we met with Nexia to get an overview of their connected home platform. Their system, unlike most in the marketplace, has a DIY aspect, but is primarily targeted at the professional installer channel. The system is built around a gateway and cloud solution that is fairly agnostic to [...]

June 3, 2015, Santa Clara, CA—John Volkmann from QD Vision talked about the company’s ability to enable new displays through the use of quantum dot phosphors. The underlying technology absorbs light at a specific frequency and re-emits light at other colors. The main products are built as LED edge light bars for use in various [...]

June 2, 2015, San Jose, CA—James Thielen from 3M described the latest products and technologies at the SID exhibition. The new releases include quantum dot enhancement film and lighter weight direct lit FHD TV, single backlight TV film, no film backlight TV, and thin profile TV solutions. They also introduced a new methodology and measurement [...]