Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

The new Epson LabelWorks LW-600P machine enables to create the new opportunities in the world of labeling. At the beginning it could be little overwhelming to figure out all the possibilities that Epson device is offering but when we became familiar with operating system of the device we will not get back to traditional label [...]

May 28, 2914, Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA—We talked with Anna Jen from Epson about their latest Moverio BT-200 head-mounted displays. These binocular eyeglass-style displays have a number of features to enable numerous AR and display functions. The glasses are clear and have stereo imagers for AR capabilities. The coaxial displays are mounted within [...]

April 2014 – At NAB 2014 in Las Vegas, Avid held their annual press and customer conference that was lead by new CEO and continuing board member Louis Hernandez Jr.. The well choreographed event presented the new Avid license and product rollout model called Avid Everywhere to a standing room only crowd. Mr Hernandez gave [...]

May 2014 – The second edition of Digital Dragons, Central and Eastern Europe’s prime game industry conference was held in May 8-9. The new venue in Old Depot (Stara Zajezdnia), located in the heart of the historical district in Krakow, hosted the main expo that accommodated 600 participants, 200 game developers, and 50 speakers from [...]

April 2014 – The new series of laptops and ultrabooks have the driving characteristic that they are light and thin. The problem is they still have a lot of accessories, cables and are generally carried in a bag. In most cases, while the computers have evolved to being faster, lighter and more powerful, the bags [...]

The PortaGrips at the PanaVise booth in CES last January intrigued us that this tool-designing company had made a logical inroad to electronic device holding as well. We received three of their long line of products for review, two cell phone holders and a camera mount. We wanted to make a thorough investigation as to [...]

April 2014 – At the 2014 NAB show in Las Vegas, Digital Nirvana was showing there latest hardware and service offering. Their two highlights for new products were MediaPro and FIFOPro. MediaPro is a content repurposing system and FIFOPro is a new tapeless ingest backup system Since 1996, Digital Nirvana has focused on the data [...]

May 2014, Internet of Things Conference, Santa Clara, CA—We talked with Uday Mudoi from Vitesse about the company and their products. They are falling back on their years of experience in Ethernet products to change the company focus. The drivers are in the growing acceptance of FbE in enterprise networks. Although the internals of the [...]

May 2014, The SIIA Maximize conference took place on May 20-22 and acted as the host event for the the annual CODiE AWARDS. At the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, Rhianna Collier, VP of Software Division, SIIA announced the finalists and winners. The awards were announced at a gala dinner by prior award winners and [...]

April 2014 – In a briefing with Sparksfly, we got an overview of their new social media manager. Typically these “aggregation” style services and apps are targeted at the B2B marketplace. These are designed to produce metrics and quantify information on how well media campaigns are doing across trade press, mass market press and social [...]