Friday, March 27th, 2015

February 2015 – The first annual HardwareCon3 had a variety of speakers and sponsors showing their products and expertise at the event. The lobby had exhibitor tables setup for companies supporting the prototype and production communities and then there were break out rooms with individual experts, and the main hall with panels & keynotes. The [...]

February 2015 – The first annual HardwareCon3 (conference, convention and connection) event was held at the Zero Net Energy (ZNE) center in San Leandro over the weekend of Feb 28-March 1. This first event was designed to help the members of the Marker movement and community move to the business community and product production. The [...]

 February 2015 – The cost of developing new process nodes and validating the libraries is getting prohibitive. As a result, the processor groups are slowing down Moore’s law by holding on the same node as last year and now moving to design and layout optimization to improve power and performance characteristics. This theme was repeated [...]

 February 2015 – At the ISSCC conference in San Francisco, AMD presented their latest APU architecture on their new processor codename “Carrizo”. The Accelerated Processing Unit (APU)is designed for notebooks and low-power desktop designs and features an advanced power management technology. It is expected that the Carrizo to reduce the power consumed by the new [...]

 February 2015 – We had a chance to meet with Keith McMillen CEO of BeBop Sensors. at their offices in Berkeley CA. Keith is well known in the musical instrument business as the CEO of Keith McMillen Instruments which is a long time musical keyboard maker. Leveraging some of the technology and engineering that was used [...]

January 2015 – One of the major things filling the expo floor at NAMM is the accessories to the musical instruments. In this category, you have recording equipment, DJ gear and guitar accessories. Leading off the show, with a preview at the Artist Relations event was the Tronocal team from Germany. Lead off by CEO, [...]

January 2015 – At the NAMM Winter Conference, the She Rocks Awards moved from their daytime subdued event to a full nighttime gala event with red carpet. The 2015 She Rocks Awards were hosted by the founder of WiMN Laura B. Whitmore and performer Orianthi. The show opened with an opening performance by the fast [...]

January 2015 – At the NAMM 2015 show in Anaheim, Playback for the studio and stage was a major portion of the show. Starting with the Artist Relations event that was held before NAMM, companies like Tectonic Audio labs were showing their stage and venue products. Tectonic Audio Labs was in the performance area for [...]

 January 2015 – At CES Marvell was showing a number of their segment specific solutions – Hard disks and storage solutions, TV and communications chips, LED lighting drivers and controls and components for the mobile products industries. The centerpiece of the room was a new Home automation product that was the reference design containing most [...]

 January 2015 – At Pepcom co-located with CES 2015 and also at the main show – there was a dominance of smart phones in the hands of the over 100,000 attendees. The show itself is odd in that it both accessories and obsoletes the handset technology owned by the attendees. This problem of obsolescence of [...]