Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

August 2014 – Fathom Events which is bet known for live theater and musical performances shown on the large screen in cinema format, continued the summer extravaganza from SyFy network Sharknado with a viewing of Sharknado 2 in 650 theaters across the US in a single night viewing. At the local cinema there were high [...]

July 2014 – In a visit to the LitePoint offices in Silicon Valley, we were shown the new IQNFC lab and production test system they have developed for multi-application NFC testing. NFC is a stable connection technology that has had a challenge over use model and awareness of it being embedded into products due to [...]

August 5, 2014, Sunnyvale, CA—PMC released a new family of FlashTech NVRAM drives to create a new level of storage devices. The PCIe-based card uses DRAM with a super cap for supply backup as the main storage medium, and backs up the data on flash. This combination provides the speed and endurance of DRAM and [...]

July 2014 – At the San Diego Comic-Con there was a panel discussion hosted by Leonard Maltin regarding the new Rocky and Bullwinkle feature that will be included in the Oct 14 Blu-Ray release of the Peabody and Sherman movie. The short feature, directed by Gary Trousdale and animated by Dreamworks, is a new 3D [...]

July 2014 – At the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con the show floor shifted to pushing out video games to more TV and film projects. It is not that gaming left the show and is loosing its appeal, it is actually the opposite the games generated such a crowd, it disrupted the traffic movement on the [...]

July 2014 – At the Cosmoprof Expo there was a number of new technologies and uses of materials, not just new scientific formulations and manufacturing/distribution partners for the industry. The new tech and innovation spread over a pretty large area of content. Some of the highlights companies and products that caught our eye are overviewed [...]

July 2014 – Glimmer Cosmetics had a variety of products at the CosmoProf show in Las Vegas – ranging from retail for children to professional products to the first Augmented Reality (AR) products being shown on the show floor for the industry. Macky Samaco, President of firm and their four brands – Tattoo junkie, Tattoos [...]

July 2014 – At the CosmoProf Expo in Las Vegas, the usual spa, specialty and retail cosmetics and makeup products had a niche that was now focusing on the upper end of the professional makeup space. This upper end is the professional makeup products for film, TV and stage use. These products have had to [...]

 June 2014 – Blackmagic Design was showing their video processing and capture products in scaled down display of of accessories at the Infocomm2014 show compared to their presence at NAB 2014. The highlights were focused on their new cameras and their switching gear which is very affordable and easy to use for corporate AV applications [...]

June 2014 – At Infocomm, Westinghouse was showing off an 84” interactive display wall operates as a digital whiteboard with a single multi-touch panel. The high res 4K display uses an IR bezel to produce the multi-touch capability. The whiteboard is unique in that is runs full Windows 8 using an embedded PC that is [...]