Thursday, May 5th, 2016

February 2016 – Rivet Networks, the new owners of the Killer Wireless technology, was talking about their new networking product.  The Killer Wireless technology has been updated to support the 802.11ac (killer wireless-ac 1535) standard and the same packet management technology has been integrated into their Killer Ethernet (E2400) product.  The combination networking chip, supporting [...]

February 2016 – In a casual lunch time briefing, we had a chance to get an update on the companies processor IP and their market application areas. As counter trend to the multi-core marketplace for processors, the company has instead chosen to follow the path of the many-core processor. The company is headquartered in France [...]

February 2016 – Innergie has created the LifeHub to address the shift in mobile devices, no longer does every device have it own power/charging cord and transformer, but most have been standardized to the microUSB connector or the Lightning connector on a cable that goes to a standard USB-typeA plug. The original thought was that [...]

February 2016 – Disney Corporation has many divisions and products in the entertainment field. In order to stay at the forefront of technology, Disney both develops and supports new ideas and innovation. One of their mechanisms they use is their Accelerator center located in Southern California. The past two years, the program has been the [...]

February 2016 – Fathom Events continues to search out new and unique content to be shown to the digital cinema environment. In addition to live theater and classic movie event, they have a strong passion for concerts and concert films. Continuing this trend, they have located a never-before-seen documentary that draws heavily from the archives [...]

January 2016 – The 2016 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim was the platform for the renaming of one of the historic names in music manufacturing. The 190 year old Buffet Group changed its name back to honor its origin, as Buffet Crampon and Buffet Crampon USA. The company also has a new logo that returns [...]

January 2016 – Yamaha Corporation of America had a completely redesigned and reimagined their booth at NAMM 2016 in the ballroom area of the Anaheim Marriott next to the main NAMM convention area. The company introduced about 100 new products in the concert, studio, professional, band, percussion, piano, guitar, strings, and electronic instruments categories, as [...]

January 2016 – Roland Corporation usually has one of the most highly anticipated product rollout and announcement events at the Winter NAMM show each year. This year was no exception with many new products under both the BOSS and Roland brands. The new product announcements were joined this year with some recognition awards for those [...]

January 2016 – At the winter NAMM show in Anaheim, Casio introduced their new composer/arranger workstation designed as the flagship of their professional digital keyboard offering. The MZ-X300 and the MZ-X500 are similar products that are for arrangers that are workstation keyboards that have been outfitted with new sounds, innovative effects and new rhythm content [...]

 January 2016, At the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, Beyerdynamic, following the introduction of their new General Manager, introduced the long awaited successor to the icon DT770Pro headphones. These headphones became the reference model for the industry for mixing, live performance and studio work since they were introduced over 25 years ago, and are still [...]