Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

April 2016 – Ericsson is a mobile technology infrastructure provider, a global CDN and an infrastructure provider for Pay TV and OTT. In providing solutions across this space they have recognized that a major feature requested by the content providers is being able to deliver global personalized content as a service. Their major content delivery [...]

April 2016 – New content creation for large screen, 4K/8K and HDR has brought new challenges to the workflow and editing. The data size and efforts involved scale with resolution, image size, and color depth. More details means bigger data. Bigger data, means more horsepower is needed in the editing stations in the form of [...]

April 2016 – NAB 2016 was the first big public announcement and push for the new combination of Harmonic and their acquisition of Thomson Video Networks. The combined company presented their new unified vision for agile video delivery. This new push leverages the Harmonic expertise in the appliance marketplace and compression for traditional broadcast into [...]

April 2016 – The scientific computing space and the content creation space relies heavily on engineering workstations. At the Nvidia GTC expo, Lenovo was showing their new series of compute and graphics centric workstations that connect to the central servers and the Nvidia appliances. The expo was showing the new line of portable workstations that [...]

April 2016 – The theme for this years Nvidia GTC conference was focused on AI and cognitive computing dir Neural Networks. While these are a core of their new direction for their computing appliances (Nvidia DGX-1) and high capacity devices (Tesla P100), the mainstay of the company which is graphics compute for scientific and media [...]

April 2016 – At the Nvidia GTC event in San Jose, IBM held a tutorial on the use of Watson in the cloud and the SDK and application areas that are best targeted to the platform. To support the community, IBM has introduced the developer cloud ( which is bringing cognitive computing to developer apps [...]

April 2016 – We had a chance to test the next generation of studio reference headphones from Beyerdynamics the DT1770PRO. This new headphone is designed for the studio, live location recording, DJ & home studio use. It is the premier platform the BD Tesla drivers which use new materials to create and control a high [...]

April 2016 – The rapidly growing interest in the emerging market of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is driving content creation. To better address this need, Dell has updated their Precision workstation line to provide options that are optimized for VR/AR content creation and development with all the reliability of their long running [...]

March 2016 – In a briefing with Samsung SSI’s Michael Smullen, we discussed the newest high density SSD drive for the enterprise marketplace. The 2.5” SAS SSD uses the new 3D NAND Flash technology from Samsung and sports a industry leading 15.36TB capacity. For a 2.5” product, this surpasses even HDD density. The drive, which [...]

March 2016 – At GDC San Francisco, theme park ride pioneers Landmark Entertainment spoke on the key points for developing a VR project and their new VR offering. CEO Tony Christopher spoke on the history of the company’s experience, since formation in 1988, in the creation of interactive and immersive experiences. These have largely been [...]