Friday, May 29th, 2015

April 2015 – At NAB 2015, a joint press conference by Volion and Nexidia showed their new captioning QC compliance systems and caption alignment/retiming tool. The 21st Century CVAA requires captioning on broadcast and internet replay of video content for the hearing impaired. For the captioning to be relevant, it has to be both accurate [...]

 April 2015 – Walking our customary 10 miles a day to see what’s going on at NAB can seem a bit daunting. As you enter the maze of twisty passages, all alike. But as soon as you get your bearings and start wandering, you quickly sense the energy and the passion of the show. So [...]

March 30, 2015 – Fathom Events brought a classic concert movie back to the big screen to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of release of the Led Zeppelin Physical Graffitii double album. The album which has been hailed as the greatest double album of all time, was remastered and re-released in February. Each of Led [...]

March 2015 – Held concurrently with the Nvidia GTC event, the Open Power Consortium held their first Annual Summit. The presentation focused on their growing membership, software products and more importantly the release of new hardware for the platform that were developed in the past 12 months. The theme for the event, as presented by [...]

 March 2015 – STM which has been making quality computer accessories and bags for many years, has introduced a new electronics backpack. The new backpack, called the Drifter, is designed for the new generation of thin light laptops that are in the 2-4lbs range. And the owner does not want a backpack that is heavier [...]

March 2015 – The in-ear earbud marketplace is growing rapidly due to the use in fitness and smart phone applications for fitness tracking. The fitness marketplace has a need for wireless headphones so they do not interfere with the exercise routine or equipment. Also the marketplace is designed around media consumption as a way to [...]

March 2015 – The headphone marketplace is dramatically shifting in the consumer marketplace from corded large over the ear style to lightweight, cordless that can perform both music/audio playback as well as being able to manage telephone and video chat calls on the same headset. The sound also has to be good, however the battery [...]

March 2015 – As sports POV cameras have pushed up to 1080p capture and larger screen sizes, the dashcam marketplace is shifting the same to manage the automotive applications. The dashcam market is growing due to documentation needs for some businesses, insurance and automotive adventures. It is not just for capturing meteors in Russia anymore. [...]

March 2015 – As mobile devices shift to becoming integral parts of the automotive experience, providing power to those devices is increasingly critical. This shift has even driven automotive designers to adjust the layout and features of the interior to accommodate these devices.  Typically there are two power levels that at needed – a 5v [...]

 March 2015 – At the Nvidia GTC 2015 event, the power of the current generation GPU compute platforms and the amount of data that can be processed is causing a shift in collaborative workflows. Traditionally, each member of a design and development team had their own standalone workstation with local memory; storage and CPU/GPU compute [...]