Saturday, February 13th, 2016

December 2015 – A major move for the broadcast industry is the transition from SDI to IP.  This transition will include not only infrastructure, but also interoperability and workflows for the new broadcast methodology.  To help guide this transition, a new industry group has been formed that is called the Alliance for IP Media Solutions [...]

November 2015 – While drivers assist technology and connectivity have been an on-going trends for cars in all price ranges, a number of manufacturers are heading back to their roots and focusing on the drivers experience with the automobile. In this retro push, Land Rover and Fiat are updating classic models to modern design. 2015 [...]

November 2015 – IntraXon of Canada has introduced a home relaxation training headband that connects to either an iOS or an Android smartphone that is called the Muse. The unit is light, easy to adjust and very easy to setup and use. The device is designed to be used about 3min a day to help [...]

November 2015 – Earlier this year, long time computer and mobile device accessory leader Logitech brought out a new mid-size mouse that is a targeted companion to the multi-platform user. The size is designed for working with convertibles/ultrabooks, laptops and desktops. The mouse is Bluetooth connected to the computers through the Bluetooth Smart interface or [...]

November 2015 – Kensington has been in the PC and mobile accessories business for a long time. A leader in the physical security marketplace for all computing electronics, they have not lost their focus on the usability of the computers along the way. On the input side, most devices have relied on mice and now, [...]

November 2015 – Kingston’s HyperX division has rolled out a new design for their professional gaming series headset the Cloud Freestyle series. The new MAV edition has as a graphic design that represents the “maverick” personality of serious gamers. The headphones feature high gloss shell design with the abstract design representing the gaming community. Kingston [...]

November 2015 – The latest version of the Beddit sleep monitor now has a Bluetooth LE interface so it can connect to your smart phone overnight without impacting the power use very much so the phone is still set to go in the morning. The primary interface is with the iPhone and they recently added [...]

November 2015 – New for the holiday season is the iFamCare Helmet cam is a web cam, night vision camera, motion and sound sensor, and pet play laser. The system uses a secure transfer system for the video feed and transfer to social media. The unit is designed to be controlled from a smart phone [...]

October 2015 – As a preview for the upcoming CES event in January, Pepcom held their annual Holiday spectacular event in San Francisco. The show focused on products that are available for this holiday season and are new or refreshed on the market. The event had over 50 exhibitors presenting consumer targeted products, most of [...]

November 2015 – The shift to more cloud based processing and traffic management through softwar defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) are encountering increasing challenges in providing optimization for the data traffic. These challenges include having to cross hardware from multiple vendors – Cisco, HP and Juniper – that may reside in the [...]