Saturday, March 25th, 2017

As more and more information continues to evolve on the internet, the most important issue is not how do we collect it, but how we can we make sense of all this flowing data and how are we able to analyze it? How can we manage all the enormous amounts of data that continues to [...]

 April 2012- At NAB this year, long time broadcast partner Level 3 was showing new features of their VyVx system. The on-floor demo was highlighting the challenges and solutions for second screen access. Second screen has several solutions for VOD and archived content, but it presents several new challenges for live broadcast. At the show, [...]

 February 28, 2012- San Francisco, CA – An observation about the RSA exhibit floor and the general state of the security products that were being shown. The industry has been traditionally focused on P2P data flow that is based on business and text data traffic. The major modification to this assumption was the further definition [...]

 February 22, 2012, San Jose, CA – This years ethernet summit focused on data flow in the network, virtualization and also delays/latency/packet loss in the datapath. As the networking world shifts from 10GbE to 40G/100GbE backplanes and interconnects for servers, a number of the data integrity issues have to be addressed. The first day of [...]

 January 2012, Las Vegas, One of the big discussions at CES was the prevalence of 4G networks, and the hopeful availability of video conferencing. The promise of 4G networks with their high bandwidth potentials has brought a great deal of excitement to the marketplace. At the CES show, Alcatel was showing an LTE transceiver pair [...]

 As I approached the Anaheim Coliseum the signs and banners for the conference were everywhere. I begin to get excited. As a musician, I knew I was about to enter musician’s heaven. First stop, the press booth to pick up my credentials. The check-in process was quick and painless, but as I witnessed the next [...]

M&E Tech was pleased to be accompanied by Sr Technologist and Business Strategist Michael Lyon at the 2012 CES event and its co-located event Showstoppers.  Below is his comments on CES from a non-electrical engineers’ perspective. CES 2012 was typical in that a herd of vendors followed a few salient trends, while a few broke [...]

 Sony Computer Entertainment is planning on a much longer shelf life for its next generation PlayStation gaming console with a strategy that appears to be based around refreshing the platform over its lifetime with a series of high profile, cutting edge peripherals. Masaaki Tsuruta, CTO of Sony Computer Entertainment Masaaki Tsuruta, CTO of Sony Computer [...]

 Dec 2011 – As one of the new CES accessories we received a Cobra CigFlex car mobile device stand and USB charger. The unit features a flexible neck to allow for positioning of a mobile device for both optimal viewing and control in vehicles with the auto-accessory port (12v cigarette plug) not located near the [...]

So where will television be in 2020? I posed the question last week at a panel I led during NAB with execs from DreamWorks, Sony Electronics, Starz, Nielsen and Technicolor. Of course, nobody really knows what TV will look like in two years, let alone most of a decade. But the panel took some educated [...]