Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

 March 14, 2012, Common Platform Technology Forum, Santa Clara, CA—Juga Jagamather from IBM moderated a panel focused on future semiconductor innovations. The panel members were Michael Liehr from College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, Simon Segars from ARM, Subi Kargen from Global Foundries, TC Chen from IBM, and Dongwon Kim from Samsung. Low power? Chen [...]

 September 22, 2011, 3-D User Experience Technical Summit, Hollywood–Sophie Janicke from Florida State University described her work on the relative advantage of 3-D technology to transport viewers into a narrative world. The changing technologies in displays are also able to induce psychological effects in the viewer. These effects open opportunities for academia, creators, and technologists [...]

Development of the law and its manner of application to new facts is a process far slower than advances in technology, or the changes in the manner of social interactivity. Courts are limited to addressing issues that arise from an actual “case or controversy,” are constrained from offering advisory opinions, and must function at the [...]

Solid-state NAND-flash memory is transforming data processing in numerous ways. Good examples are video capture and digital video workflow impacts. This transformation has only begun and promises to affect the media industry in surprising ways for years. But, right now it’s presently a bit complicated. So, we’ll have a follow-up post on that subject in [...]

 Recently the Homeplug AV specification as part of the IEEE P1901 power line modem specification has been updated for Green applications. The group has released a new Green PHY spec that is targeted for smart grid & smart meter/appliance applications under a 1Mb/s data rate, rather than the typical 200Mb/s data rate that is [...]

 Andy Melder, VP at Gigle Networks talks about the evolution of power-line communications as an alternative to WiFi and Ethernet for home networking on an IP-based protocol. In the past, power line networking was restricted to simple command and control functions like turning on lights and small appliances. The difficulties were in the pervasive noise [...]

Kionix is moving their KXTF9 3-axis accelerometer into volume production this summer. The first applications will be in Android-based smart phones, to be released later this year. Other applications include gaming controls, 3-D mice, and other pointing devices. The outputs for this product are optimized for a smart phone form factor. The product is a [...]

 As touch technology has been a focus for displays and interactive video, there are other harsh condition applications that can utilize touch sensing rather than mechanical controls. For waterproof (rather than just water resistant) applications – hospitals, medical equip, and outdoor industrial controls, and wet application infotainment control. Most of the capactive touch technologies work [...]

 Connections: the Digital Living Conference, Santa Clara, CA—in a keynote talk, Scott Birnbaum, vp, Samsung LCD Business Unit, talked about “LCD TV: gazing into a liquid crystal world”. After providing background information on Samsung, Birnbaum talked about the changes in homes and televisions over time. In 1938 black-and-white televisions became available. In 1956, color TV [...]

 In order to address the growing need for computing and electronic processing in portable and high functionality design, TSMC, the worlds largest independent semiconductor manufacturing foundry, released their reference flow 11 for 28nm/22nm processes. The technology driver for these processes has shifted from the historic memory designs, and then processors, to the current System-On-a-Chip (SOC) [...]