Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

By Peter McGuinness, Imagination Technologies The concept of ray tracing has been bandied about for more than a generation – since 1968, it has been viewed as a promising technology, especially for visual arts disciplines, and in particular, the entertainment industry. Why? Because the ray tracing algorithm as developed into its recursive form can closely [...]

For more than 20 years, flash memory has enabled the creation of new markets such as digital photography, digital music and portable high-capacity data storage. Now, flash-based solid state drive (SSD) technology is poised to drive significant changes in the mobile and PC computing industries (Fig. 1). Figure 1:Examples of new markets enabled by flash [...]

 Overview presentation of Victory 3D Process Simulator for use on Silicon, III-V materials and Organic/TFT devices.  The  products are available under a variety of licencing options and can model both manufacturing flows and active devices. The full presentation can be viewed in the the PDF at Victory_presentation.pdf

EEDAR-SMU-Study-One-Review-Anchoring Here is a study by EEDAR and The SMU Guildhall conducted in March 2010 on the influential power of professional critic reviews. This behavioral study was conducted on the SMU campus by EEDAR and The SMU Guildhall using a video game as a test vehicle.