Thursday, March 30th, 2017

September 2015 – The Techcrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco held a fairly new population of exhibitors this year. A large number of the startups were not from the traditional “lets develop a 10 page business plan from chapter 2 of our books and raise money” like the on-line MBA courses have advocated for the [...]

October 2013 – As a change of pace from the traditional electronic systems, communications and software topics that are the subject of discussion at the Churchill Club, the event in early October focused on the changes and transition coming to the manufacturing world. The centerpoint of the discussion was predicated on the advent of 3D [...]

July 2013 – At Siggraph 2013, the emerging technologies area had more than just video and graphics. It featured audio and 3D in multiple forms. On the audio side, the Univ of AZ was showing a percussion system that used actuators that mounted on real drums and cymbals and were driven by a Raspberry Pi [...]

 In a recent interview with Paul Grayon of Alibre Design, we discussed the emergence of 3D printing and its use in industrial design. Their software product is currently available in two version a personal level and a professional product.   Alibre – personal version   The software in available on the Windows platform and in [...]