Thursday, March 30th, 2017

September 21, 2015, SNIA Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Rick Kuticipal and Greg McSorley from the SCSI Trade Association provided an update on the SCSI standards. The standards are evolving along with the many changes in the storage technologies. The latest additions to the SAS standards and roadmaps include 12 Gb/s SAS, advanced connectivity, Multi-link [...]

September 18, 2013, Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Stacy Schwartz-Gardner from Spectra Logic presented in best practices, optimize interfaces, and APIs designed for storing massive quantities of long-term retention data. Big data is creating serious problems for IT resources. Data volume is growing at many times the rate of the infrastructure, and CIOs rank data [...]

January 2013 – In late 2012, Etymotic developed and released to market a new class of hearing protection. Using their knowledge of the ear and hearing from their decades of development and production of hearing aids, they have developed an active hearing protection device called the Music PRO. The overview of the technology is discussed [...]

August 2012, The exhibit floor at Siggraph 2012 featured a number of difference motion capture (MoCap) options for creating CG and digital duplicate characters of live actors. These range from passive suits to active MEMS technology and a number of options in between. None of these technologies is a do-all end-all, rather, for full content [...]

 May 17, 2011, Society for Information Display, Los Angeles—We talked to Rick Heineman, vp of marketing communications and Robert Mayson, president of the consumer electronics division at RealD about their latest announcements. These include universal active shutter glasses and integrated high resolution 3-D LCD panels and displays from Samsung. The universal active 3D eyewear technology [...]