Friday, March 24th, 2017

December 2016 – After an extended period of gradual change the past decade, AMD has released a new computing architecture for the desktop computing environment for the personal computer marketplace. The architecture change to the new “Zen” design modernizes the single tasked office automation (wordprocessing, spreadsheets, etc) optimized structure to a multitask and media centric [...]

 December 2016 – At the AMD Tech Summit, CEO Lisa Su introduced a major shift in the data center and computing marketplace. SVP and Chief Architect of the Radeon Tech Group Raja Koduri presented AMD response to these developments in the marketplace. The market has seen the initial trend of the standalone PC moving to [...]

 November 2016 – Over the start of the holiday season, we had a chance to test out the new AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 Professional Workstation Graphic Card. The WX7100 represent the marketplaces first single slot 4 x 4K display capable graphics card with 8GB of on board GDDR5 memory. The graphics card uses the WX7100 [...]

October 2015 – Continuing their push into the combined CPU/GPU designs, AMD released the R Series SOC for embedded applications. The new chip, called the “merlin falcon”, is smaller than previous designs in this family by over 30%. The reduction in area and package size comes from the use of the Excavator architecture for the [...]

October 2015 – At the Linley Processor Conference, the HAS released an update on the progress of the consortiums efforts. The consortium is making progress since their 1.0 specification release earlier this year. The CPU & GPU computing paradigm supports a memory coherency model and a memory partitioning by tasks. For realization of the specification, [...]

 February 2015 – The cost of developing new process nodes and validating the libraries is getting prohibitive. As a result, the processor groups are slowing down Moore’s law by holding on the same node as last year and now moving to design and layout optimization to improve power and performance characteristics. This theme was repeated [...]

 February 2015 – At the ISSCC conference in San Francisco, AMD presented their latest APU architecture on their new processor codename “Carrizo”. The Accelerated Processing Unit (APU)is designed for notebooks and low-power desktop designs and features an advanced power management technology. It is expected that the Carrizo to reduce the power consumed by the new [...]

September 2014 – During IDF 2014, AMD had offsite briefings to highlight their new professional series processors. Based on the Kaveri processor architecture with mixed CPUs and GPUs on a single chip, the Pro-A Series processors are delivering performance and reliability. The consumer marketplace has traditionally seen the AMD products in either low end cost [...]

September 2014 – HP introduced a refresh on their market leading Z series workstations. The full product line – the 4XX, 6XX, and 8XX desktop/rack mount workstations have all been updated to support the new E5-1600/2600 Gen 3 processors and chipsets. The ZBook line has been updated to support the Gen4 i5 and i7 processors. [...]

August 2014 – Following the launch of the AMD Firepro W9100 at NAB and the W8100 at Infocomm, AMD has now released the full line of the redesigned and re-architected professional series graphics cards. The W8100 and W9100 are high end cards for the content creation and 3D design world with both the highest performance [...]