Friday, March 24th, 2017

January 2015, The new Common Core guidelines for math and science seem to be flawed. At the middle school levels, the guidelines call for students to show mastery of the content by being able to prove that a digital representation is the best one. This contention might be true if you are talking bit-level accuracy [...]

September 15, 2014, Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Sanjay Joshi from EMC2 Isilon proposed the use of DNA for long-term archive. This assertion is supported by a number of factors including costs per bit equivalent, long-term reliability, and the growing need for archival storage. One interesting development is that the costs of DNA sequencing are [...]

April 23, 2014, Data Storage Innovations Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Shawn Brune from IBM provided updates on the LTO ecosystem. The need for archival storage technologies and media is growing, even as many IT organizations are trying to eliminate non-rotating or flash media. The latest version of LTFS is 2.2, and the standard has been adopted [...]

September 18, 2013, Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Stacy Schwartz-Gardner from Spectra Logic presented in best practices, optimize interfaces, and APIs designed for storing massive quantities of long-term retention data. Big data is creating serious problems for IT resources. Data volume is growing at many times the rate of the infrastructure, and CIOs rank data [...]

April 8, 2013, National Association of Broadcasters, Las Vegas—Some film experts demonstrated some movie clips and explained why a film or digital style worked for that shot. Carol Littleton from Industrial Light and Magic showed the chase scene from “ET” where the boys and ET eventually fly away from the authorities. In ’82 when this [...]

 June 2012 – At the 2012 Creative Storage Conference, we had a chance to talk to Molly Rector of Spectra about their media oriented tape solution. They started in the Media and Entertainment sector in the 1990′s with Sony AIT tape. In 2003, they moved to LTO tape and are now supporting LTO5 storage with [...]

 June 2012 – At the Creative Storage Conference 2012 held in Culver City, the discussion focused on Workflows, large data stores and the growing technologies for near field and active data access. The conference opened with a framing conversation and presentation by conference organizer Tom Coughlin on data storage requirements for current and near term [...]

 August 3, 2010, Culver City, CA-the Creative Storage Conference looked at storage for content delivery in a panel with disruptive innovator Joe Wojdacz, moderating the panel. The panel members were: Tom Goldberg, vp product development at Cache-A, Nathan Adams, Media Distributors, Chris Duffy, product management at Quantum, Richard Hennessy, client IT architect at IBM, Jeff [...]