Sunday, March 26th, 2017

July 2016 – In a 1:1 briefing with Autodesk at SIGGRAPH, we saw the latest version of their Shotgun software that is now being used for VR content creation in a single studio environment as a production pipeline manager. As projects start to use multiple sources for assets and have multiple developers, the management becomes [...]

April 2016 – At NAB, Autodesk was showing their continued dominance in the VFX and CG marketplace for video content creation. Their highlight announcement was the acquisition of the SolidAngle product line into their VFX solution space. The Solid Angle product is a mathematically driven renderer that is in the family of Monte Carlo raytracers [...]

 April 2015 – The trend from the three big “A” companies at NAB – Autodesk, Adobe, Avid – were all showing collaboration in the cloud as the main theme. While the individual companies also highlighted enhancement to the point tools in the content creation flow, the commonality was that projects are moving away from single [...]

February 2015 – The first annual HardwareCon3 (conference, convention and connection) event was held at the Zero Net Energy (ZNE) center in San Leandro over the weekend of Feb 28-March 1. This first event was designed to help the members of the Marker movement and community move to the business community and product production. The [...]

 March 2014 – At Game Developers Conference San Francisco, a number of the mainstream AAA and Console workflows shifted gears and started to support mobile and web based game development. A lot of this shift was due to the multi-core processing and high performance GPUs now available in mobile devices. Another aspect of the shift, [...]

April 6, 2014, NAB, Las Vegas—Various managers from Autodesk talked about their products and visions for the future. The company is in the process of changing their business practices in the midst of fairly large technological turmoil. Chris Bradshaw described the context for some trends in their business. Some of the animation tools like Maya [...]

July 23, 2013, Anaheim, CA—Autodesk held a press conference at Siggraph, even though they are not participating this year o n the exhibit floor. The industry is changing with more production and higher budgets. As a technology provider, Autodesk is trying to meet the demands for more visual effects while helping to hold costs down. [...]

March 27, 2013, Game Developers Conference, San Francisco – We talked with Wesley Adams and Rob Hoffman from Autodesk about their entertainment creation suite. This set of tools was developed in conjunction with some production teams to make a different approach to development and to bypass beta testing. These game development products are focused on [...]

April 2013 – In the content creation world, the transmedia market is now opening up the development to professionals working on projects that are sharing both files and completed content assets. One of these areas of convergent is the gaming and broadcast industry. We had the opportunity to meet with Content Creation Specialty VAR ALT [...]

December 4, 2012, Churchill Club, Menlo Park, CA—Chris Anderson from 3D Robotics and former editor at Wired talked with Carl Bass from AutoDesk about 3-D printing and the new industrial revolution. This exchange was obviously a continuation of a long-standing and ongoing conversation between kindred souls. The first industrial revolution made it possible to manufacture [...]