Thursday, March 30th, 2017

June 17, 2015, SMPTE Entertainment in the Internet Age, Stanford, CA—A panel looked at the issues associated with multiple screen viewing. Colin Dixon from nScreen Media moderated the panel. [panelists included Mark Adams from Accedo, Chris Cukor from LG Electronics, Will Law from Akamai, and Jim Monroe from Net2TV. Dixon opened with comments about the [...]

June 16, 2015, SMPTE Entertainment in the Internet Age, Stanford, CA—A panel considered resource allocation for developments in media delivery. Robert Kisor SMPTE past president moderated the panel. Panelists included Anne Aaron from Netflix, Wendy Aylsworth from Warner Bros., Bill Baggelaar, from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Pierre Larbier from Ateme, Paul Haskell from Harmonic, and Matthew [...]

February 23, 2015, ISSCC, San Francisco—Kinam Kim from Samsung Electronics gave the first plenary talk relating developments in silicon technologies and the solutions they may provide for our data-driven lines. The developments include silicon, packaging, and small chip security for IoT. The number of connected devices already exceeds the number of people, and will continue [...]

September 19, 2014, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—Geof Findley and Becky Loop provided an overview of the latest developments in memory technologies for high- performance systems. They described the various iA devices and compatibility with the latest DRAM devices and modules. The first platforms to support DDR4 are the Xeon E5-2600 v3 family and Core [...]

August 5, 2014, Emerging Display Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—A trio of pundits and technologists talked about the drivers and markets for 4k TV sets. Paul Gagnon from NPD Displaysearch joined Graham Loveridge from Pixelworks and Mick Grover from Sharp in a set of presentations. Gagnon noted that the market is growing for all types [...]

June 24, 2014, Creative Storage Conference, Culver City, CA—A panel considered the challenges and opportunities for storage in post production. Philip Hodgetts from Intelligent Assistance moderated the panel. Panelists were Jesse Adams from EditShare, Chris Schell from Front Porch Digital, Jeff Greenwald and Shane Archiquette from HDS, Elaine Kwok from Promise Technology, Bernard Asare from [...]

June 24, 2014, Creative Storage Conference, Culver City, CA—Alex Grossman from Quantum described the requirements for cloud-based workflows. The industry is one of constant change that is looking for consistent steps in production. new camera formats, collaboration, and more tools are all increasing workflow complexity and making the older file-based flows incompatible with the newest [...]

June 24, 2014, Creative Storage Conference, Culver City, CA—A panel discussed the various issues associated with content delivery through the cloud. Marty Shindler from The Shindler Perspective moderated the panel. Panelists included Michelle Munsen from Aspera, Eric Markow from Bel Air Internet, Nathan Carman from Exelis, Don Gabriel from EchoStar, Ben Bloom from Akamai, and [...]

November 13, 2013, AMD Developer Summit, San Jose, CA—Gary Demos from Image Essence described the fundamentals and other requirements for real-time 4k high dynamic range video decoding. The computational requirements of decoding video at high frame rates and high dynamic range have to fill a 25.5 Gb/s pipeline. One of the key issues for this [...]

November 12, 2013, AMD Developer Summit, San Jose, CA—Steve Borho from MulticoreWare detailed the developments on an H.265/HEVC video encoder project. This open source project will produce an encoder set that will eventually replace the H.264 encoders currently in place. The background for the encoders covers much of the video landscape. In video, quality matters, [...]