Thursday, March 30th, 2017

August 2015- Whitewood Encryption Systems announced the release of its proprietary next generation entropy engine at Black Hat. The Whitewood Entropy Engine™ solves the problem of entropy generation. It provides random data in a convenient PCIe card form factor. At its core is a patent-pending quantum entropy source that exploits the immutable laws of quantum [...]

August 2015- Amidst all of the cybersecurity solutions present at this year’s Black Hat conference in Las Vegas it is sometimes difficult to identify truly innovative solutions which represent a significant shift in security thinking. One such company is PFP Cybersecurity (PFPC). PFPC has developed a novel solution to both detecting infrastructure breaches as well [...]

August 2015 – Securonix offers a security analytics cybersecurity suite that has six major components: insider threat detection, application threat and risk monitoring, identity and access intelligence, DLP intelligence, privileged account security intelligence, and SIEM Intelligence. Using these six features Securonix is able to provide enterprise level capabilities out of the box with their system. [...]

August 2015 – enSilo is an information security company that focuses solely on exfiltration prevention. They operate under the assumption that your system already is or will be infiltrated and they prevent the attacker from being able to steal any information once they’re inside. Some enterprises get thousands or even tens of thousands of notifications [...]

Jennifer Grannik of Stanford August 2015- The keynote address at this year’s Black Hat conference was given by Jennifer Grannik. She is the Director of Civil Liberties at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society. She is famous with the cyber community for defending some of the more notorious criminal hackers in history, including Kevin [...]