Thursday, March 30th, 2017

January 2016 – At CES 2016 Noel Lee, recent recipient of the CTA Hall of Fame award, launched Monster 2.0. After a 37 year run with the company, they are restarting their focus on the core of the business and reinventing the retail experience. The company is embracing and adjusting to address both the brick [...]

November 2015 – Earlier this year, long time computer and mobile device accessory leader Logitech brought out a new mid-size mouse that is a targeted companion to the multi-platform user. The size is designed for working with convertibles/ultrabooks, laptops and desktops. The mouse is Bluetooth connected to the computers through the Bluetooth Smart interface or [...]

November 2015 – The latest version of the Beddit sleep monitor now has a Bluetooth LE interface so it can connect to your smart phone overnight without impacting the power use very much so the phone is still set to go in the morning. The primary interface is with the iPhone and they recently added [...]

July 2015 – At Semicon 2015, we met with Cyberoptics which has in chamber sensor tools for monitoring wafer fab equipment. Currently the sensors are on 200mm and 300mm products right now as well as reticle products. They are currently getting ready to release 150mm products and in the near future 450mm products. The products [...]

March 2015 – The in-ear earbud marketplace is growing rapidly due to the use in fitness and smart phone applications for fitness tracking. The fitness marketplace has a need for wireless headphones so they do not interfere with the exercise routine or equipment. Also the marketplace is designed around media consumption as a way to [...]

March 2015 – The headphone marketplace is dramatically shifting in the consumer marketplace from corded large over the ear style to lightweight, cordless that can perform both music/audio playback as well as being able to manage telephone and video chat calls on the same headset. The sound also has to be good, however the battery [...]

January 2015 – Pepcom is a co-located event held at the kickoff to the 2015 CES in Las Vegas. This year the event, which was themed for the 1980’s, featured over 200 exhibitors with products ranging from accessories to hardware to software/apps for the Consumer Electronics space. The technology theme was – 2013 & 2014 [...]

 January 2015 – Samsung has made an entry into the consumer premium noise cancelling headphone line with the Level Over Headset. The headphones are available in Black and a White & Tan model. Rare in the marketplace is the combination of a stereo headphone product that has both active noise cancellation and is wireless. The [...]

 January 2015 – At CES the Lenovo display was showing the new Motorola Droid and Droid X phones and accessories. Among these was the new Hint Bluetooth Earbud. Designed for simplicity and high functionality the earbud comes in a dual use storage and charging case. The earbud is voice controlled and has automatic on-off features. [...]

 January 2015 – Zagg had a number of new products on display at CES 2015. These included a foldable Bluetooth keyboard using the new Bluetooth low power interface and new cases for the iphone6. We had a chance to check one of their 2014 products that is finding a strong niche in the marketplace – [...]