Thursday, March 30th, 2017

March 2015 – In a new location in San Francisco atop the Metreon Center, the Game Connection conference held their US event. Well attended by over 15 exhibiting countries, the representatives covered the ecosystem from libraries and modules, to game development services, to game developers look for foreign publishers, to publishers to the economic development [...]

March 2014 – The Game Connection conference held in San Francisco CA this year, had a strong international presence. Developers from the global gaming community were represented in force to meet the financing, publishing, and distribution partners at the show. Organized primarily by the export trade development groups in their native country, the gaming developers [...]

March 2014 – The Games Connections USA conference was held in San Francisco this year overlapping with the Game Developer Conference. The B2B event is designed to help independent developers connect with publishers and distribution channels, independent and large developers to connect with specialty service bureaus, and for international trade delegations to promote and gain [...]