Friday, March 24th, 2017

December 2016 – After an extended period of gradual change the past decade, AMD has released a new computing architecture for the desktop computing environment for the personal computer marketplace. The architecture change to the new “Zen” design modernizes the single tasked office automation (wordprocessing, spreadsheets, etc) optimized structure to a multitask and media centric [...]

October 2015 – Continuing their push into the combined CPU/GPU designs, AMD released the R Series SOC for embedded applications. The new chip, called the “merlin falcon”, is smaller than previous designs in this family by over 30%. The reduction in area and package size comes from the use of the Excavator architecture for the [...]

June 2015 – At E3 in LA we met with Chinese game developer Seasun to see their new MOBA designed for the western audience. This Free 2 Play game is designed to be a 3×3 PVP game for the iOS and Android mobile platforms that is a turn based multiplayer experience. The game allows the [...]

April 2015 – Just before the start of the NAB expo, Imagine Communications held their press and customer event at the Hard Rock Hotel, with special guest Foreigner. The kick off for the event was a talk by CEO Charlie Vogt on his vision for the industry and Imagine Communications. The direction for the industry [...]

April 2015 – Amidst all of the 4K and UHD video at NAB 2015, Sennheiser and Roland Pro AV introduced several new professional grade products to the mobile and live production marketplace. Sennheiser introduced two new products focusing on the bringing professional level quality and clarity of sound to the new AV capture platforms. Roland [...]

April 2015 – At NAB 2015 Dell was showing the configuration and hardware that was used to stream the main stage at SXSW live in 4K in conjunction with Fader Fort. The solution was developed by the Dell Precision team and acted as the compute, editing, encode, transcode and playout control for the live 4K [...]

April 2015 – At NAB 2015, a joint press conference by Volion and Nexidia showed their new captioning QC compliance systems and caption alignment/retiming tool. The 21st Century CVAA requires captioning on broadcast and internet replay of video content for the hearing impaired. For the captioning to be relevant, it has to be both accurate [...]

April 2015 – At the 2015 NAB show, V-Nova held a press event to announce their new compression product to the US market. Close to 5 years in development and announced in their European launch on 4/1/15, the Perseus compression engine made its debut in the US. The group is partnered with key industry leaders [...]

 April 2015 – Walking our customary 10 miles a day to see what’s going on at NAB can seem a bit daunting. As you enter the maze of twisty passages, all alike. But as soon as you get your bearings and start wandering, you quickly sense the energy and the passion of the show. So [...]

April 7, 2014, NAB, Las Vegas—Rob “Scratch” Mitchell consulting producer for “Airshow” on the Discovery Channel talked about people and risk in high stakes productions. A former Royal Canadian Air Force officer, Mitchell compared the job of fighter pilot to that of a production manager. After leaving the RCAF, Mitchell wanted to do something that [...]