Friday, March 24th, 2017

September 2016 – Roadway.Media is producing a new technology themed television show called Advanced Broadcast Technology. The show is a traditional technology lecture format that highlights themes and innovation in the broadcast and content creation industries. The inaugural episode will be broadcast on Tuesday Sept 20, 2016 on San Francisco Bay Area Comcast Channel 27, [...]

June 2016 – At the SMPTE ETCA event in Silicon Valley, they held a session talking about the disruption being caused by live broadcast. The panel consisted of YouTube,, Akamai and Media Melon. Currently in the broadcast arena, the dominant subjects for live content are sports and news. New content on the internet that [...]

ETCA, June 2016 – This year SMPTE had a new venue for their Entertainment Technology in the Connected Age (ETCA) conference, relocating to Campbell CA in the center of Silicon Valley from their prior location at Stanford University. The event was opened by SMPTE President Robert Seidel, who is also the CTO of CBS. He [...]

April 2016 – NAB 2016 was the first big public announcement and push for the new combination of Harmonic and their acquisition of Thomson Video Networks. The combined company presented their new unified vision for agile video delivery. This new push leverages the Harmonic expertise in the appliance marketplace and compression for traditional broadcast into [...]

September 2015 – Imagine Communications recently released version 3 of the Versio platform. The version 2 was an appliance that handing the baseband control, input/output, clip control and all the other standard functions of the broadcast. The version 2 appliance, however, was constrained by the bandwidth and distribution limitations of the coax that connected the [...]

April 2015 – While at NAB 2015, we had a chance to have a 1;1 talk with new Global President of Professional AV for Roland Corp Kim Nunney. Kim steps into this role from his recent position of North American President for Roland Corp. Kim and his team were credited with the turnaround on the [...]

October 10, 2014, Audio Engineering Society Convention, Los Angeles—Fraunhofer IIS and their partners techicolor and Qualcomm have released the latest specification and standard for sound. The standard is gearing up for the more immersive 4k and 8k TVs and cinema productions. The new standard changes sound from a baked-in mix to a 2-D output format [...]

October 10. 2014, Audio Engineering Society Convention, Los Angeles—A panel of experts from standards organizations and industry considered the issues of matching audio with the emerging 4k and 8k displays. Fred Willard from Univision moderated the panel, and panelists were Skip Pizzi from NAB, Robert Blerdt from Fraunhofer, Jeff Riedmiller from Dolby, Tim Carrol from [...]

June 18, 2014, SMPTE Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age Conference, Stanford, CA—A panel considered the trends and implications for broadcast as over the top and cable change the shape of network TV. Jim Burger from Thompson Coburn LLP moderated the panel, with panel members Mark Aiken form Sinclair Broadcast, Michael Bergman from the Consumer [...]

October 5, 2013, IEEE Communications Society and Consumer Electronics Society, Santa Clara, CA—Peter Symes from SMPTE, the Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers, talked about the displays and infrastructure beyond HD. The next generation of TV will have brighter and sharper pictures, but the challenge is for the industry to not have another 3-D [...]