Sunday, March 26th, 2017

August 2016, Security is the primary focus of Black Hat and one of the many briefings that happened focused on the mobile threat landscape and explored how the operating system (OS) being looked at affects greatly the type of vulnerabilities that are to be expected. With the growing popularity of bring your own device (BYOD) [...]

February 25, 2013, TCG Security Sessions, San Francisco—Robert Pittman, chief, information security office, Los Angeles County described their efforts in establishing trusted computing in the county. Some statistics for the county include 102,000 employees, of which 90 percent are union, and 34 departments structured into 5 clusters. The clusters are health, child services, operations, legal, [...]

February 20, 2013, Tablet Strategy Conference, Burlingame, CA—A conversational encounter between Michael Singer from TabTime, Adam Stein from SAP, and Saranya Babu from Dell covered the issues with BYOD. These solutions apply to all end points and operating systems. Stein noted that BYOD requires companies to see the issues and determine how to deal with [...]

December 2012 – Broadcom held their annual pre-CES GeekPeak on new technologies for the coming year in San Francisco, overlapping with the IEDM conference. The sneak peak features both demos of the products in action and in current devices – including the Wii U platform. The presentation covered 6 main trends for 2013 in the [...]

 February 28, 2012, RSA Conference, San Francisco— Continuing the discussion of BYO Devices into a secure network, Cisco Daniel DeSantos and Nasrin Rezai from Cisco described their Sentry program. Increasing mobility brings new requirements to people, processes, and the ocean of security models. By ’15, there’ll be more than 1 billion wireless devices, and every [...]

 February 28, 2012, RSA Conference, San Francisco—Implementing changes in security are much more difficult in today’s environment where people are bringing in their own platforms. The speakers address some of the facets of this new environment. Goran Auramov and Dan Houser presented the perspective of Cardinal Health, a healthcare and pharmaceuticals distributor. In addition to [...]