Friday, March 24th, 2017

February 2016 – We received the long awaited Edwin the Duck toy to test in our media lab. The toy is designed to be a companion toy for children from a few months old to about age 5-6. It is designed as a modern electronic friend that adds functions as the child grows. Edwin is [...]

February 2016 – We first looked at the BACtrack Mobile Pro in 2015 on both iOS and Android devices. Following CES 2016, we had a chance to take another look at the product and improvements made in the software and device. The base product itself is relatively unchanged. The unit provides police quality alcohol measurement, [...]

January 2016 – The connected car was one of the areas that dominated the CES 2016 show floor. The connected car at the show was divided into to many pieces: infotainment, dashboard & center console, ADAS, and autonomous vehicles. Some of the vendors such as VOXX and Pioneer are providing both OEM and Aftermarket products [...]

January 2016 – One of the growing sectors of the consumer electronics marketplace is the headphone and in-ear headset (earbud) marketplace. This is direction the industry is shifting and the revolution towards high performance and high resolution is in progress. We took briefings with several companies that were showing their new personal sound devices. Klipsch [...]

January 2016 – At CES the automobile joined the home as a platform for high performance audio at a usable and non-audiophile configuration. DTS was showing their new soundbar and encoding arrangement for systems that gave a full room sound from a standard AV configuration. Typically to get the sound it requires a 5.1-11.1 surround [...]

January 2016 – In a show that was dominated (in square footage) by televisions, now supporting up to 8K images, Dish Network rolled out new platforms to deliver content. Dish showed off their new Hopper 3 with Sling. They also introduced a companion device the HopperGO. The Hopper 3 from Dish is a next generation [...]

January 2016 – At CES 2016 Noel Lee, recent recipient of the CTA Hall of Fame award, launched Monster 2.0. After a 37 year run with the company, they are restarting their focus on the core of the business and reinventing the retail experience. The company is embracing and adjusting to address both the brick [...]

January 2016 – In a briefing at CES, we had a chance to discuss the directions and current state of the DRAM and SSD marketplace from Samsung SSI. The rise in mobile device use and migration to the cloud has pushed the memory and storage requirements of the servers used to connect to these devices. [...]

January 2016 – At CES 2016 Showstoppers was featuring a large number of accessories for the mobile community, but also featured an extension to the supply chain for these products. Making an appearance in this space were ARM, Maxim, e-Ink, Atmel, and longtime enterprise suppliers Promise Technologies and QNAP. With the rise of IoT, both [...]

January 2016 – Long time enterprise supplier Promise Technology has introduced a storage solution for the consumer marketplace.  Leveraging their experience in the video storage array marketplace, they worked to create an easy to use secure media storage solution that does not store the data in cloud, but is accessible from remote location.   As cell [...]