Saturday, November 28th, 2015

 January 2015 – The processing power of tablets is rivaling laptops of the recent past. As a result, music creation and has shifted to these lighter devices. To go along with that, Keith McMillen has brought out a new portable keyboard the K-board. The unit is a self-contained USB powered Midi controller for tablets and [...]

 January 2015 – At CES the Lenovo display was showing the new Motorola Droid and Droid X phones and accessories. Among these was the new Hint Bluetooth Earbud. Designed for simplicity and high functionality the earbud comes in a dual use storage and charging case. The earbud is voice controlled and has automatic on-off features. [...]

 January 2015 – Zagg had a number of new products on display at CES 2015. These included a foldable Bluetooth keyboard using the new Bluetooth low power interface and new cases for the iphone6. We had a chance to check one of their 2014 products that is finding a strong niche in the marketplace – [...]

 January 2015 – Kensington is a developer of the current industry standard in laptop protection which is an integrated loop connector in the edge of the chassis of most laptops. The current connector was designed for prior generation devices that incorporated optical drives and rotating storage as the driving industrial design on device thickness. The [...]

The PortaGrips at the PanaVise booth in CES last January intrigued us that this tool-designing company had made a logical inroad to electronic device holding as well. We received three of their long line of products for review, two cell phone holders and a camera mount. We wanted to make a thorough investigation as to [...]

January 28, 2014, SV CE Society, Santa Clara, CA—The Silicon Valley consumer electronics chapter of the IEEE held a CES roundup for those unable to attend CES in Las Vegas. Speakers included Gary Sasaki form DigDia, Tom Coughlin from Coughlin Associates, Bill Orner from Imagination Technology, and Lidia Paulinska-Thompson from M & E Technology. Sasaki [...]

January 2014, Taiwan International Press Conference which took place on Wednesday, January 8 announced new products launch at CES as well as Computex Taipei Expo, June 3-7. 2014. At the CES event they announced the COMPUTEX d&i awards, on exhibit in the South Hall of LVCC, which underscores Taiwan edge in quality innovative products. On [...]

January 2014, starting off the new year with CES is always exciting. As a new conference attending editor for M&E Tech, it was a first time at the show. It was an interesting experience as a first timer at the show with several annual attendees, one of whom has been attending most years since the [...]

January 2014, CES 2014 was a big show for accessories for all the new electronic appliances that were shown at the event. One of the traditional suppliers is STM, which is a maker of bags and cases. In past years they have added multiple options of tablet and phone case support. Just like their laptop [...]

January 2014, The new AirRam vacuum cleaner from Gtech is definitely a great match of elegance and technology. The new floor care product of British company which has been just launched in the American market surprised us with lightweight, ergonomic design. It has no bag, no cylinder, no hoses, and no cord. With those features [...]