Sunday, March 26th, 2017

April 21, 2015, RSA Conference, San Francisco—Chris Young from Intel talked about changing the game. Admittedly, change is hard and it is easier to maintain the status quo, but the current trust crisis precludes inaction. Malware is getting headlines and also the attention of the C-level executives all the way up to the President. In [...]

April 16, 2014, Churchill club, Santa Clara, CA—Jim Walsh from Global Logic moderated a panel that addressed the need for “greatness” in engineering and design. Panelists included Catherine Courage from Citrix, Steve Johnson from Linked-In, Frederick Pferdt from Google, Larry Tesler from MINE, and Charles Warren from SalesForce. The term “great” has to be added [...]

September 26, 2013, Churchill Club, Santa Clara, CA—Geoffrey Moore acted as the master of ceremonies and occasional interviewer for the awardees at this event. Following some light entertainment, the Churchill Club awarded small bowler hats to various people. The Game Changer award is given for indispensable technology and business innovation to Tesla Motors. The spirit [...]

April 23, 2013, IEEE CE Society, Mountain View, CA—Perry Goldstein from Marshall Electronics talked about the evolution of audio and video in the digital age at the local society meeting. The talk featured a historical overview of consumer media products and some thoughts on their future. After working in various segments of the consumer A-V [...]

September 2012 – The Churchill Club continued their innovation series with the event themed on “Changing the Game”. The diverse program focused on the nature of change, if it is by design or by accident and how to drive change for the future. One of the more controversial discussion was from Rich Karlgaard of Forbes [...]

September 13, 2012, Churchill Awards, Santa Clara, CA—The second annual Churchill Club awards presentations on are those people and companies who inspired others by highlighting excellence and innovation, collaboration, social benefit, and leadership. Geoffrey Moore, author, performed the duties of master of ceremonies. The Game Changer Award went to SpaceX for indispensable technology and business [...]

 May 9, 2012, All About The Cloud Conference, San Francisco—William McNee from Saugatuck Technology presented the key trends in cloud adoption. The cloud is no longer a passing fad, but an inevitability. Already there is high awareness within the IT community, and had a high adoption among the trendsetters. The early adopters are looking for [...]

 August 8, 2011, Hot Chips 23, Stanford, CA—Simon Seegars from ARM described the evolution of ARM processors and how they are now bringing high performance to mobile devices. Technology changes over time and the sometimes the changes bring pleasant surprises to consumers. Processors and technology have evolved tremendously over the last 30 years. We have [...]

 April 4, 2011, Storage Network World, Santa Clara, CA—Tom Kelly, gm of IDEO offered the concept that organizations must strive for continuous innovation. There is a need for creativity in organizations, as one part of the solution to the increasing complexity of technology, business, and the organizations. Companies must out innovate their competitors to stay [...]

February 14, 2011 RSA Conference, Cloud Security Alliance Summit, San Francisco–Christofer Hoff, director of cloud and virtualization solutions at Cisco Systems talked about management through security automation. The existing legacy IT tools and practices are the greatest impediment to change in network operations and security practices. Security practices policies and procedures require continuous monitoring, and [...]