Thursday, March 30th, 2017

September 24, 2015, Churchill Club Awards, Redwood City, CA—The Churchill award for game changer: for indispensable technology and business innovation was presented to LinkedIn. Susan Lund, Partner, McKinsey & Co. talked with Allen Blue, co-founder, LinkedIn. Lund stated that the increased personal connections needed innovations in both technology and business practices. LikedIn changed the way [...]

September 24, 2015, Churchill Club Awards, Redwood City, CA—The Churchill Club presented their magical team award to Pixar Animation Studios for collaborative breakthroughs that resulted in an irresistible product or service. Goeffrey Moore talked with Ed Catmull from Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. Moore noted that the Pixar team has to work at the [...]

September 24, 2015, Churchill Club Awards, Redwood City, CA—The Churchill Club awarded Elizabeth Holmes as 2015 global benefactor for irrepressible vision and positive impact on society. In a fireside chat with Channing Robertson from Stanford she described her motivations and inspirations for her work. Robertson noted that she was a very assertive student, even as [...]

April 16, 2014, Churchill club, Santa Clara, CA—Jim Walsh from Global Logic moderated a panel that addressed the need for “greatness” in engineering and design. Panelists included Catherine Courage from Citrix, Steve Johnson from Linked-In, Frederick Pferdt from Google, Larry Tesler from MINE, and Charles Warren from SalesForce. The term “great” has to be added [...]

January 30, 2014, Churchill Club, San Francisco—Fatemeh Khatibloo from Forrester Research moderated a panel that considered the issues facing data privacy. Panelists included Jeffery Rabkin from the office of the attorney general, California Department of Justice, Jeb Miller from Jafco Ventures, Barbara Lawler from Intuit, Michelle Dennedy from McAfee, and Chris Babel from Truste. Khatibloo [...]

September 26, 2013, Churchill Club, Santa Clara, CA—Geoffrey Moore acted as the master of ceremonies and occasional interviewer for the awardees at this event. Following some light entertainment, the Churchill Club awarded small bowler hats to various people. The Game Changer award is given for indispensable technology and business innovation to Tesla Motors. The spirit [...]

June 17, 2013, Churchill Club, Santa Clara, CA—The Churchill Club held a panel session on economically disruptive technologies. Michael Chui from McKinsey distributed McKinsey’s report on disruptive technologies and noted the highlights. Panel members included Bill Reichert from garage Technology Ventures, Barry Schuler from DFJ Growth, and Hal Varian from Google. The report identified a [...]

February 11, 2013, Churchill Club Forum, Mountain View, CA—A panel discussed the many facets of trust. Peter Burrows from Bloomberg Business Week moderated the panel. Panelists were Eric Channing Brown from Skype, Mary Dent from Silicon Valley Bank, Richard Edelman from Edelman Public Relations, and Jeffery Pfeffer from Stanford. Trust barometer changes? Edelman produced some [...]

December 13, 2012, Churchill Club, Palo Alto, CA—The Churchill Club held their annual gadgets program to review what’s hot and not in consumer technologies. The presenters are people who get to play with new technologies as a part of their day jobs. This year’s presenters were: Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal, Kara Swisher [...]

December 4, 2012, Churchill Club, Menlo Park, CA—Chris Anderson from 3D Robotics and former editor at Wired talked with Carl Bass from AutoDesk about 3-D printing and the new industrial revolution. This exchange was obviously a continuation of a long-standing and ongoing conversation between kindred souls. The first industrial revolution made it possible to manufacture [...]