Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

September 2016 – At IBC 2016, Imagine Communications introduced their next offering in the area of media storage. Historically, the storage component of a media flow was a physical presence of a SAN, NAS or DAS device. Modern flows now need to work from a Virtual IP base, and this requires a redesign of where [...]

April 2016 – At NAB, Adobe was showing their currently release of Adobe Primetime which is the core of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.  The platform contains the advertising analytics functions such as campaign management along with content management for OTT applications.  Currently the platform is targeted at TV channels, MVPDs (Multichannel Video Program Distributors) and [...]

May 2016 – In a briefing with Brick Eksten, Chief Product Officer at Imagine Communications, we discussed their latest release of their cloud based solution the Unified Distribution release. The release features several of the modules Selenio, Telurio and their Landmark Ad Platform. The core of the Unified Distribution solution is in the Selenio™ Video [...]

April 2016 – NAB 2016 was the first big public announcement and push for the new combination of Harmonic and their acquisition of Thomson Video Networks. The combined company presented their new unified vision for agile video delivery. This new push leverages the Harmonic expertise in the appliance marketplace and compression for traditional broadcast into [...]

March 2016 – At GDC we had a chance to talk to Nelson Rodriguez of Akamai, who is the Sr Marketing Manager of the Game Industry practice. The gaming marketplace has a number of applications for CDN services. What comes to mind first, is managing the content for streaming games. While that is one aspect, [...]

March 2016 – At the RSAC in San Francisco, we spoke to Trend Micro about the changing landscape of the security marketplace and the times of threats and threat sources that are present. As an overriding observation, the environment for security has changed – it is no longer trying to be disruptive on just a [...]

February 2016 – At Digital Entertainment World, startup mp3vidi has created a cloud based tool for the simple creation of videos for music and audio tracks. The tool set allows for the conversion of audio files to video without the need for a studio and a full video shoot. mp3vidi screenshot   The mp3vivi tool [...]

October 2015 – At the Virtualize conference, organized by graphics analyst firm Jon Peddie Research, the discussion focused on the shift in requirements and architecture of the new generation of virtualized networks. Typically, VMs are used in an enterprise for standard office and transactional processing applications. The newest generation of GPUs and GPU based appliances [...]

October 2015 – Oracle Open World in SF featured several opening keynotes lead off by CEO Mark Hurd. Joining Mark, were CTO Larry Ellison and one of their strategic partner’s CEO, Brian Krzanich of Intel. The theme of the keynotes was the transformation of the data center and the resulting data expansion that accompanies the [...]

September 21, 2015, SNIA Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Luke Behnke from Bitcasa surmised that the move to the cloud is a challenge for developers who face the choices of building infrastructure or losing your data in someone’s box. The changing nature of storage is driving the need to store more data in restricted spaces. [...]