Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Pepcom event, June 2016 – There is nothing not to like about Pepcom’s press only events. They are always well organized and have so many innovative products to see. The event happened on the evening of Thursday, May 19th, at the Metreon in San Francisco and focused on mobile products. 21 companies showcased their automotive, [...]

May 2015 – Pepcom which is well known for its leading edge press showcase events, added a new event this year that was themed just for the community of mobile products. Their MobileFocus event was held in San Francisco. The event was positioned in the evening across from the IoT World conference which was very [...]

March 2015 – As sports POV cameras have pushed up to 1080p capture and larger screen sizes, the dashcam marketplace is shifting the same to manage the automotive applications. The dashcam market is growing due to documentation needs for some businesses, insurance and automotive adventures. It is not just for capturing meteors in Russia anymore. [...]

March 2015 – As mobile devices shift to becoming integral parts of the automotive experience, providing power to those devices is increasingly critical. This shift has even driven automotive designers to adjust the layout and features of the interior to accommodate these devices.  Typically there are two power levels that at needed – a 5v [...]

 January 2015 – Prior to the official launch of CES 2015, the preview called CES Unveiled highlights the key topics and zones of the exhibit floor. The main theme was wireless and connectivity. Vehicles from the connected car zone joined prior products from the CE space now connected with WiFi and Bluetooth LE. The connectivity [...]

January 2013 – One of the first co-located press events each year at CES is Pepcom. This year’s event was once again, very well attended, organized and busy. Held a the MGM Grand, the company featured uniform table and booth sizes organized in what seemed like an open pattern. The reality was, several of the [...]