Saturday, March 25th, 2017

 August 1, 2012, Newark, CA—We talked with John Scaramuzzo from Smart Storage Systems. This is a spin out from the Smart Modular company and is focused on the use of MLC NAND flash in enterprise-level SSDs. The change from Smart Modular, which is now focused on memory arrays based on DRAM and embedded memories, to [...]

December 8, 2011, San Francisco—We talked with Rahul Patel from Broadcom about mobile and wireless functions. product mix is changing to reflect changes in the marketplace. The principle driver for their next-generation products is the exponential growth of video content. Video accounts for over 50 percent of all data traffic today, and is projected to [...]

 December 8, 2011, San Francisco—We talked with Broadcom about their recent survey on connectivity. JZ Analytics conducted the survey in November and surveyed 1025 individuals. The respondents provided a quick look into consumer habits and expectations for connections to others. A growing number of people are experiencing connectivity withdrawal, where the person feels stress or [...]