Thursday, March 30th, 2017

July 2015 – At the Accenture offices in San Jose, the Churchill club held a discussion on the direction and status of the Connected home. The discussion was moderated by Accenture and featured speakers from Forrester Research, Intel, Qualcomm and Nest Home Kit. The discussion focused on the realities of the connected home, as state [...]

December 6, 2012, Wireless Communication Alliance, Santa Clara, CA—The WCA held their year-end round-up meeting with a set of presentations from various industry participants. The meeting focus was on the technologies to enable the intelligent, connected home. Michael Palma from IDC offered a number of applications that the intelligent connected home could support. These apps [...]

 June 30, 2011 – Santa Clara, CA – At the Connections conference in Santa Clara, IBM and their Global Business Services (GBS) talked about the connected home and the realities of bringing it about. Their research into to sector, shows that consumer interest is very high for the connected home, and there is a high [...]