Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

March 2016 – At the San Francisco GDC, we met with Nvidia to get an update on their GPUs and SDKs for gaming and the various platforms they were supporting. The big announcements and crowds were around their VR solutions. Nvidia has long been in the VR and AR space and has been part of [...]

October 2015 – At the JPR Virtualize conference, a panel discussion talked about gaming and virtualization. Gaming has been graphics intensive for a long time and has been dominated by dedicated single user arcade games and single site multi-player consoles. This has shifted over the past decade to being cloud based and supporting MMO architectures. [...]

June 2015 – At E3 we met with Snail Games as a follow-up to their very busy booth at GDC 2015 earlier in the year. The large booth was once again busy showing both their hardware and software products. The leadoff on the software side was TaiChi Panda that was featured for the Android platforms [...]

March 4, 2015, Game Developer Conference, San Francisco—Jon Peddie from Jon Peddie Research talked about the state of the gaming hardware markets. The company has been tracking various computer graphics markets for some time. The CG industry paralleled the evolution of computers. The first CG terminal was developed for the DEW Line on the ’50′s [...]

September 2014 – at the GamesBeat conference in San Francisco they held a keynote discussing the change in platforms and consoles for the gaming industry. The discussion focused on whether or not the console wars have concluded and if there is a new platform war starting. The discussion started with the question of “How do [...]

July 23, 2014, Casual Connect Conference, San Francisco—A panel looked at the pressures that technology changes will bring to mobile gaming. Kyle Russell from TechCrunch moderated the panel with panelists Greg Hartrell from Google, Jean-Christophe Cimertiere from Unity, and Brian Shin from Pocket Gems. New platforms? Hartrell noted that game developers are considering second screen [...]

May 2014, Before the door opened for the 2014 Digital Dragon Conference held in Krakow, the press was invited to visit and get a tour at two of Poland’s many independent game development companies. We visited Bloober and Drago Entertainment, both of which were enthusiastic about host a press tour of their teams. Digital Dragon [...]

November 13, 2013, AMD Developer Summit, San Jose, CA—Dominic Mallinson from Sony Consumer Entertainment America highlighted the design decisions underlying the latest Sony Playstation. The new console offers better capabilities for the gamers and a new unified architecture for the developers to ease development. The PS 4 is designed to be simpler and easier to [...]

TellTale Games – The Wolf Among Us October 2013, Telltale Games has once again released a truly engaging interactive story game based on a comic book/graphic novel series. Following their game of the year success with the Walking Dead, they have now turn their attention to another classic series. The first episode of this story [...]

September 2013, we received one of the Kickstarted funded OUYA consoles to take a look at the new entry price point into the console to the big screen market. The Nvidia Tegra 3 based console supports a Bluetooth wireless traditional console-sharped game controller on an open hardware environment. The core of console is the open [...]