Sunday, March 26th, 2017

May 2016 – The Santa Clara Marriott hosted this year’s annual Churchill Club 1o 10 trends dinner and discussion. Trends for this year’s event were wide ranging and once again included big data, robotics and healthcare. The discussion was moderated by : Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Forbes Magazine Bruce Upbin, Managing Editor, also of Forbes. The [...]

January 2016 – Long time enterprise supplier Promise Technology has introduced a storage solution for the consumer marketplace.  Leveraging their experience in the video storage array marketplace, they worked to create an easy to use secure media storage solution that does not store the data in cloud, but is accessible from remote location.   As cell [...]

October 2015 – As a preview for the upcoming CES event in January, Pepcom held their annual Holiday spectacular event in San Francisco. The show focused on products that are available for this holiday season and are new or refreshed on the market. The event had over 50 exhibitors presenting consumer targeted products, most of [...]

October 2015 – In preparation for the holiday season, HP’s PC division and workstation groups showed off their new line of all-in-one, laptop / convertible devices for consumers and business class & workstation class computers. The binding thread for all the new releases is the ability to create and consume multi-media content. The design theme [...]

September 2015 – The Techcrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco held a fairly new population of exhibitors this year. A large number of the startups were not from the traditional “lets develop a 10 page business plan from chapter 2 of our books and raise money” like the on-line MBA courses have advocated for the [...]

August 2015 – A recent Churchill Club event in Palo Alto focused on the current state of the Drone industry and the near term future of the marketplace. The panel consisted of Skydio, Dronebase, DJI, 3D Robotics and Skycatch and the discussion was moderated by Robin Murdoch of Accenture. The drone market is maturing and [...]

 June 2015 – The Linley group held their first event focusing on IOT and the issues and breakthroughs in the technology and the market. The three topics addressed by the conferne were processor design for IOT applications, security at the IP and product level and finally the key to battery operated mobile design energy efficiency. [...]

June 2015 – Ori Inbar is the organizer of the Augmented World Expo and the Executive Director of After a slight delay from the scheduled time at the show while Ori was addressing physical realities of the dynamics of a several hundred attendee show logistics on opening day, we sat down for a short [...]

May 7, 2015, Neurogaming Conference, San Francisco—Tracey Tien from the LA Times moderated this panel that addressed the intertwined issues of security and efficacy. Panelists were Ariel Garten from Interaxon, Eddie Martucci from Akili Interactive, Jason Moehringer from PsyberGuide, John Reppas from Neurotechnology Industry Organization (NIO), and Cory Lathan from Anthrotronix. Is neurogaming unique with [...]

November 28, 2012, WIMA NFC Conference, Millbrae, CA—Jeff Miles from NXP talked about NFC creating a new dimension in the digital reality. NFC is becoming a trusted, smart, and secure platform for many consumer contacts. NFC has been in development for the past ten years. We are now at the stage in it’s evolution where [...]