Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

February 11, 2014, ISSCC, San Francisco—Mobile devices are growing in complexity and performance while being driven to reduce power to allow for longer battery lives. The challenge in connecting radios, computers, sensors, and other interface circuits calls for very aggressive power management techniques, even in systems with large power budgets like automobiles and smart buildings. [...]

November 12, 2013, AMD Developer Summit, San Jose, CA—Laurent Betbeder from Sony outlined the considerations for the latest console. The game audio system addresses the need for clean audio within the games. The consoles are moving towards more PC hardware to take advantage of the greater need for performance and lower costs. The major difference [...]

September 11, 2012, San Francisco—ARM described their efforts in increasing efficiency in their processor cores and their roadmap for the various segments they support. Their focus continues to be on power efficiency and now adds performance segments. For example, in the Cortex family the A5 is for small, power-efficient processors in embedded functions. The A7 [...]

August 28, 2012, Hot Chips Conference, Cupertino, CA—The improvements in the core compute functions moves the data bottleneck to other areas of the systems. Three papers describe the on-going efforts to improve the data transport functions within a system. Ronald Dreslinski from the University of Michigan talked about a self-arbitrating crossbar for networks on chip [...]

 August 8. 2012, Siggraph, Los Angeles—The Jon Peddie Research organization presented some research findings on the growth of hardware for the computer graphics markets. After the presentation, a short panel discussed the impact of multi-core processors on their graphics work. Although growth has been uneven, it has been averaging over $10B per decade, and seems [...]

 Game Developers Conference, San Francisco—We talked with Imagination Technologies about their latest developments and tools. The driving trends in the consumer electronics spaces are mapping well with the various products that Imagination offers. The latest releases include new cores and development tools for software. The new product releases include the VXE384, a multi-standard, multi-stream video [...]

 August 8, 2011, Hot Chips 23, Stanford, CA—Richard Kessler described a MIPS-based multi-core processor that raises the bar for performance/$/Watt. This chip is focused on networking and wireless server functions and has an integrated security engine for cryptographic operation acceleration. It is designed to take advantage of packet and flow parallelism and exhibits linear performance [...]

 May 4, 2011, Multicore Expo, San Jose, CA—We talked to the Adapteva people about their high core-count, floating-point microprocessor. This chip is programmable in C using standard development tools like GCC and eclipse. An experimental test chip with this architecture had one thousand processors on the chip. The basic microprocessor is based on a new [...]