Saturday, March 25th, 2017

July 2016 – Following the Creative Storage Conference, we had a chance to talk to Jeff Greenwald of HGST (now a part of Western Digital) about the shifting nature of content storage. The stage of data at rest is disappearing which is changing the design and use of tiering. The data that used to be [...]

June 24, 2014, Creative Storage Conference, Culver City, CA—A panel considered the challenges and opportunities for storage in post production. Philip Hodgetts from Intelligent Assistance moderated the panel. Panelists were Jesse Adams from EditShare, Chris Schell from Front Porch Digital, Jeff Greenwald and Shane Archiquette from HDS, Elaine Kwok from Promise Technology, Bernard Asare from [...]

June 24, 2014, Creative Storage Conference, Culver City, CA—Alex Grossman from Quantum described the requirements for cloud-based workflows. The industry is one of constant change that is looking for consistent steps in production. new camera formats, collaboration, and more tools are all increasing workflow complexity and making the older file-based flows incompatible with the newest [...]

June 24, 2014, Creative Storage Conference, Culver City, CA—A panel discussed the various issues associated with content delivery through the cloud. Marty Shindler from The Shindler Perspective moderated the panel. Panelists included Michelle Munsen from Aspera, Eric Markow from Bel Air Internet, Nathan Carman from Exelis, Don Gabriel from EchoStar, Ben Bloom from Akamai, and [...]

June 24, 2014, Creative Storage Conference, Culver City, CA—Steve Canepa from IBM talked with Marty Shindler from the Shindler Perspective about reinventing IBM’s media and entertainment offerings. The changes in technologies and user expectations calls for changes in business. Canepa commented that change happens and the core services need to change over time to follow [...]

June 24, 2014, Creative Storage Conference, Culver City, CA—Tom Coughlin from Coughlin Associates opened the conference with some observations and general trends in content storage. From CES, some hot topics included: object-based workflows, digital storage needs for cameras, active archives and archive technology (Tape, HDDs, Optical Storage), flash memory in M&E, fast direct storage connections—Thunderbolt [...]

 June 2012 – At the Creative Storage Conference 2012 held in Culver City, the discussion focused on Workflows, large data stores and the growing technologies for near field and active data access. The conference opened with a framing conversation and presentation by conference organizer Tom Coughlin on data storage requirements for current and near term [...]

 June 28, 2011, Creative Storage Conference, Culver City, CA—a Panel looked at Storage for Content Delivery. Paul Rosenthal from CSU-LA moderated the panel. Members included Allan Ignatin from Bitspeed, Michelle Munson from Aspera, David Sallak from EMC Isilon, David Trumbo from Media Technology Market Partners, and Vivian Sultan from CSU-LA. Ignatin opened by discussing big [...]

 June 28, 2011, Creative Storage Conference, Culver City, CA– Larry Jordan, producer and host of Digital Production Buzz, talked about “why do filmmakers and IT pros have trouble talking to each other” in his keynote address. There is a major disconnect between filmmakers, who are not technology experts, and the IT market, which considers computers [...]

 June 28, 2011, Creative Storage Confernce, Culver City, CA—Saker Klippsten, head of engineering and IT at Zoic Studios, described the changes in equipment at their studio due to the change to file-based production. The hardware and software in their operations has evolved dramatically in the last 4 or 5 years. Since 2005, their headcount and [...]