Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

December 2016 – Logitech showed off their new SMB and enterprise collaboration solution that is centered around the Skype for Business communications software and a hardware integration platform centered on the current generation of Surface Pro tablet. The Smartdoc solution supports many of the existing PTZ cameras from the Logitech line, as well as a [...]

August 2014 – The UC Hastings Law School acted as the organizers and coordinators for the first TechLaw Startup Weekend that was held at AirBnB’s headquarters in San Francisco. The five organizers from Hastings for the event were Kristen Killian, BethMcCarthy, Hanna Konitshek, Gabby Grinberg and Ashley Dymond. The 2.5 day event was run by [...]

October 2013 – The Demo Fall 2013 event in Santa Clara had a large diversity of software and solutions. In a time when new developments and innovation seem constrained to just being an android or iOS app, the Demo team located a number of new products in a larger variety of spaces. The show covered [...]