Thursday, March 30th, 2017

April 8, 2015, Data Storage Innovation Conference, Santa Clara, Ca—Osamu Shimizu from Fujifilm talked about the role of tape in archive functions. The increasing volumes of data call for a new definition of cold storage and a technology that can keep up with the volume increases. Per a UCSC study, 90 percent of all data [...]

September 15, 2014, Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Sanjay Joshi from EMC2 Isilon proposed the use of DNA for long-term archive. This assertion is supported by a number of factors including costs per bit equivalent, long-term reliability, and the growing need for archival storage. One interesting development is that the costs of DNA sequencing are [...]

September 19, 2014, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—Geof Findley and Becky Loop provided an overview of the latest developments in memory technologies for high- performance systems. They described the various iA devices and compatibility with the latest DRAM devices and modules. The first platforms to support DDR4 are the Xeon E5-2600 v3 family and Core [...]

 Oct 20, 2011 – Santa Clara, CA – At the IDEMA’s Diskcon event, there were two main topic for the presentation – the technology behind increasing areal density for rotating media (HDDs) and the consumption appetite of the cloud and media content as the new the driver of the marketplace. With storage and compute in [...]

 August 10, 2011, flash memory summit, Santa Clara, CA—Seaung Suk Lee from Hynix talked about the need for low cost, high reliability NAND to enable solutions in storage. The increase in bit density has impacted flash endurance and data retention, adding to the challenges facing flash development. First, some market statistics. This year, flash is [...]