Saturday, March 25th, 2017

May 2016 – Microsoft give one of the opening conference keynotes at this year’s SID Display Week conference. The focus of the talk was on the Disruptive Evolution of Computers through the Introduction of New Interactive Technologies. This long title translates to having compute resources becoming disruptive in changing daily activity because of the introduction [...]

May 2016 – At the San Francisco SID Display Week event the business track highlighted the state of the industry and directions that are being followed. The highlight was the high growth being seen in the AMOLED marketplace. This is being driven by the high unit volumes of mobile devices. Correspondingly, the LCD marketplace was [...]

June 2015 – This year the SID Display Week conference makes it way to the heart of Silicon Valley to the San Jose Convention Cetner. This conference which is one of the premier events of the display manufacturing and design industry. The conference has many aspects this year : A full day of a business [...]