Friday, March 24th, 2017

 July 2016, The Legend of Zelda is a franchise that is near and dear to so many people. For some people it is a franchise that defined a majority of their childhood for video gaming. So everyone was excited when rumors began spreading that Nintendo would be announcing a new installment to the series at [...]

June 2016, A lot of the focus at E3 is on games that will be coming out in the Fall or early the next year but there are a lot of games at E3 that have already come out and are looking to gain traction. One such game at E3 this year was Killing Floor [...]

June 2016 – Gaijin Entertainment was back at E3 this year showing two new games: an MMO called Crossout and a flying game called War Thunder that supports VR. Gaijin Entertainment is an independent video game developer in Russia that was founded in 2002 and has offices located in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Voronezh and Sevastopol [...]

E3, June 2016 – It is a season for Virtual Reality. At E3, the gaming world show that took place in June at the Convention Center in Los Angeles, the VR was presented everywhere. So far, virtual reality is associated with gaming industry sector mostly because the hard-core gaming community is willing to spend large [...]

June 2015 – At E3 we met with Snail Games as a follow-up to their very busy booth at GDC 2015 earlier in the year. The large booth was once again busy showing both their hardware and software products. The leadoff on the software side was TaiChi Panda that was featured for the Android platforms [...]

June 2015 – At E3 2015 we had a chance to sit down for a 1:1 with Loot Interactive co-founder David Sterling at their first “press and partner” evening event held at the show. In a very well attended event at a local Mexican restaurant we talked to David about the Indie game marketplace and [...]

June 2015 – Two longtime publishers made their presence at E3 with franchise titles for mobile and consoles.  The Natume booth featured the newest chapter in the Harvest Moon franchise – Seeds of Memories as the core of their booth, along with Ninja Strike, Brave Tank Hero and Gotcha Racing.  Little Orbit also rolled out [...]

June 2015 – Gaming audio was a big part of the E3 expo this year. Besides the main players showing custom game branded headsets, Astro Gaming/SkullCandy was showing a new professional level wireless gaming headset, and two new product major product lines from GioTeck showing both an mono earpiece style device and a new over [...]

June 2015, E3 is video gaming’s biggest stage without question. Almost every big name in the industry saves their biggest announcements for the show. There are always several games with a lot of ‘hype’ surrounding them that are announced or that will have playable demonstrations for the first time. Battlefront and The Division are two [...]

June 2015 – We had a chance to meet with Studio Wildcard / Reverb Games at the Indie developer area in the Xbox booth at E3 2015 and get a walk-through of the early access of Ark: Survival Evolved. This is an Open-World Dinosaur Survival game that is has been developed with the Unreal Gaming [...]