Friday, March 24th, 2017

September 2016 – Fraunhofer Institute from Germany released several advancements that have come from their commercial R&D activities at the IBC show in Amsterdam. There were three (3) main areas of the announcements at the show – those related to VR, those related to light field and those related to their easyDCP Software Suite. The [...]

August 2016 – This year, the Flash Memory Summit featured an entire panel track that was focusing on Media and Entertainment. One of the panels discussed the growing use of flash memory for HDR, UHD and 4K content capture and editing. The panel was moderated by Lidia Paulinska, Editor in Chief of Bright Blue Innovation [...]

March 19, 2013, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA— Shailendra Mathur from Avid described a new toolset that allows editors to smoothly transition their monoscopic storytelling skills to the stereoscopic format. The tools enable users to take advantage of existing assets and workflows. One goal was to preserve editing and data management functions, operational speed, [...]

Sony’s SpectralLayers Pro offers a new spin on spectral-style audio editing that Sony hopes will move the powerful editing technique out of the restoration lab and into the creative studio. What is spectral audio editing? Spectral audio editing itself is not exactly a new idea; audio restoration and forensics experts have relied on spectral editing [...]

 April 2012, One of the most talked about announcements at the NAB 2012 show was the release of the Autodesk Smoke product on the Mac platform for $3495 for a perpetual license with an optional $525/yr for maintenance with updates, in addition to the traditional Unix/Linux version that is still available. The product is being [...]

 Digital photography over the past few years has become, not only the popular choice, but the standard. While there are many photo editing platforms available, After Shot Pro is Corel’s affordable entry into the photo workflow marketplace($99.95). Corel has taken the core technology from its acquisition of Bibble Labs and its own PaintShop Pro and [...]

 January 5, 2011, CES, Las Vegas-Casio introduced a new on-line editing website and photo repository called Imaging Square that takes any digital image and converts it into “digital art”. The site has two tools for modifying the images that don’t require additional tools and high levels of tool expertise. Digital Craft converts images using decomposition, [...]

 September 30, 2010, Digital video Expo, Pasadena, CA—Oliver Peters, freelance editor and colorist described “Post Production Trends for 2011″in one of the last talks in the program. Cameras are driving a lot of changes in postproduction. The industry is seeing new codecs, recording media, and many other changes. Next-generation processing will use digital, still, and [...]