Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

April 30, 2014, Ethernet Technology Summit, Santa Clara, CA—Mitch Fields from Avago Technologies described the efforts needed to drive costs out of 40/100/400 GbE optical interconnects. One of the biggest impediments to growth in the high-speed Ethernet environment is the cost of the optical interconnects. Optical networks can be incorporated into a system as chip-to-chip, [...]

 December 1,2011, Printed Electronics USA 2011, Santa Clara, CA—Mykyong Yoo from Artificial Muscle discussed electro active polymer (EAP) technology. This technology converts an applied voltage to displacement. Contacts on opposite sides of a polymer use Maxwellian pressure to thin and expand the polymer. Stroke distance is proportional to the dielectric constant, voltage squared, and Young’s [...]

 October 27, 2011, International Solar Energy Technology Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Victor Moroz from Synopsys discussed the design, modeling, and optimization of silicon solar cells and modules. Optimization must be across all levels of the system, from the silicon, to the cells, and to the modules through virtual prototypes. The challenges in improving PV efficiency are [...]