Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

June 2016 – The enterprise marketplace is seeking new support technology that extends beyond traditional IT products. One of the products making inroads is wearables. The wearable products include but are not limited to just AR solutions, but include other devices. The AR marketplace has been focused on the creation of high quality augmented reality [...]

June 2016 – At Augmented World Expo, the Enterprise AR session addressed some of the practical issues to adopting the new technology and bringing it into the enterprise as part of the IT flow. Augmented Reality is currently being adopted and developed for the commercial enterprise space as both an advanced visualization system and as [...]

March 2016 – In a briefing with Samsung SSI’s Michael Smullen, we discussed the newest high density SSD drive for the enterprise marketplace. The 2.5” SAS SSD uses the new 3D NAND Flash technology from Samsung and sports a industry leading 15.36TB capacity. For a 2.5” product, this surpasses even HDD density. The drive, which [...]

March 2016 – One of the dominant topics at the RSA Conference in San Francisco for the Enterprise environment was authentication and signon for users with authorization. While there were a large number of companies addressing externally generated threats to the data centers and cloud services, a number of companies were focusing on challenges of [...]

September 2015 – At CTIA we met with Kyocera to discuss their latest position in cellular and the support for the enterprise and automotive markets. They have been in the US markets for about 15yrs and with the crowed marketplace for the consumer smartphone and mobile products business, Kyocera chose to move in the direction [...]

 May 2014, Following the keynotes at the Siia maximize event held in San Francisco, they began the program with an opening panel on alignment and how it is being integrated with CRM and traditional sales/support models. The panel was moderated by the SandHill Group and included a range of businesses including Invisible CRM, Dicom Grid [...]

May 2014, The SIIA Maximize conference took place on May 20-22 and acted as the host event for the the annual CODiE AWARDS. At the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, Rhianna Collier, VP of Software Division, SIIA announced the finalists and winners. The awards were announced at a gala dinner by prior award winners and [...]

April 30, 2014, Ethernet Technology Summit, Santa Clara,CA—Alan Weckel from the Dell’Oro Group presented an overview of the Ethernet market. Their market research covers port shipments and market forecasts for Ethernet switch and routing as well as SAN, server, and WLAN equipment markets. Service providers and small and medium business (<200 wired devices) are fairly [...]

October 2013 – This year Samsung’s Memory Solution Forum focused on the global issues of the enterprise and data center rather than the component features. This event, which was formally the CIO Forum, is in it third year, and is a mixed presentation and open discussion / Q&A event for technologist and executives to discuss, [...]

September 19, 2013, SNIA Analytics and Big Data Summit, Santa Clara, CA—Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research presented the topic “Why big data changes how to think about enterprise storage”. The fundamental drivers for acquisition, architecture, and administration have to change. The nature of data is changing, and a look at the differences between high-performance computing [...]