Sunday, March 26th, 2017

August 2016 – This year, the Flash Memory Summit featured an entire panel track that was focusing on Media and Entertainment. One of the panels discussed the growing use of flash memory for HDR, UHD and 4K content capture and editing. The panel was moderated by Lidia Paulinska, Editor in Chief of Bright Blue Innovation [...]

March 2016 – Web, app and live customer service provider recently concluded a survey of over 3000 consumers to get their opinions on the Smart Home marketplace. The survey covered both owners and potential buyers of Smart Home devices and their experiences with them. The key issues were around the areas of complexity, cost, [...]

February 2016 – The Digital Entertainment World expo featured a keynote by Kristin Patrick, Global Chief Marketing Officer of PEPSI in a One-on-One chat with Ken Hertz, Senior Partner of Hertz Lichtenstein & Young LLP. The focus of the keynote was the directions and development of branding in a connected marketplace. Kristin opened with the [...]

February 2016 – Disney Corporation has many divisions and products in the entertainment field. In order to stay at the forefront of technology, Disney both develops and supports new ideas and innovation. One of their mechanisms they use is their Accelerator center located in Southern California. The past two years, the program has been the [...]

November 11, 2015, ARM Techcon, Santa Clara, CA—Danny Kaye from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment talked about changes in the distribution and delivery of the various content from the movie studios. The underlying business models are changing as consumers change their buying and viewing habits. The consumer base for cinematic content is already moving towards [...]

May 8, 2014, Neurogaming Conference, San Francisco—A panel discussed gaming technologies leveraging the latest advances in neuroscience and gaming to accelerate learning. Greg Toppo from USA Today moderated the panel. Panel members included Tom Butt from BrainRush, Bruce Wexler from C8 Sciences, Jocelyn Faubert from Neurotracker, and John Cammack from Curiosityville. Is putting games into [...]

February 5, 2014, Electronic Imaging Conference, San Francisco—Lenny Lipton from Leonardo IP moderated a panel on 3-D in entertainment. Panelists included David Cohen from Variety Media, Barry Sandrew from Legend Films, and Chris Ward from Lightspeed Design. Stereo cinema is at an inflection point and is doing well for the distributors and studios, but is [...]

 November 2, 2011, International Games Innovation Conference, Orange, CA–Robert Mical from Sony looked at the concepts from the entertainment industry and how they are moving into the workplace. The basic concepts are migrating into all areas because a game structure is easier to understand and use than traditional interfaces. Games have the general characteristics of [...]

 November 2, 2011, International Game Innovation Conference, Orange, CA–Susan Bonds from 42 Entertainment talked about gameplay, participation, and storylines in her keynote talk. The world of entertainment is changing as seen in alternate reality games. Here, the participants are changing their expectations of boundaries. They are changing consumption patterns and increasing group participation in these [...]