Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

October 2013 – In Santa Clara at the fall Linley Processor Conference, we had a chance to sit down with the folks from Netronome to get some details on their new NFP-6xxx series network flow processor. The new chip is the continuation of the IPX line of network processors that has been the core of [...]

 March 19, 2012, ISQED, Santa Clara, CA—Cary Robertson and Rick Pier from Mentor described the challenges for extracting parasitics in designs below 28 nm. The designs need better extraction to ensure timing closure and manufacturability. As feature sized shrink, the different parasitic elements become more significant. Transistors accounted for about 35 percent of the parasitic [...]

 May 3, 2011 – San Jose, CA – At the Embedded Systems Conference Imagination Technologies was showing their new directions in Flow Technology. The standard IP business for IMG TECH is progressing. They have introduced a new UI for PowerVR for Set Top Box applications. These cores have shipped in over 500M chips, 100M+ of [...]