Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

March 2016 – At GDC San Francisco a large number of inde developers and creators were showing off their games and accessories to publishers and tool developers. One of the areas of innovation was in the “non-standard controller section” of the show floor. There were several rows of these unique controllers that included a vacuum [...]

March 2016 – At GDC Akamai presented two sessions on the changing landscape of the gaming industry. One of the areas of change is with pre-orders. In the era of physical delivery, pre-orders for the disk media were a major driver to getting first access to a game and unique gaming experiences with extra maps [...]

March 2016 – At GDC we had a chance to talk to Nelson Rodriguez of Akamai, who is the Sr Marketing Manager of the Game Industry practice. The gaming marketplace has a number of applications for CDN services. What comes to mind first, is managing the content for streaming games. While that is one aspect, [...]

March 2016 – At GDC San Francisco, theme park ride pioneers Landmark Entertainment spoke on the key points for developing a VR project and their new VR offering. CEO Tony Christopher spoke on the history of the company’s experience, since formation in 1988, in the creation of interactive and immersive experiences. These have largely been [...]

March 2016 – GDC San Francisco had a number of sessions focusing on eSports and issues regarding the business model. The panel of publishers and eSports stars discussed points that were important to understand the current rise of the media. The consensus of the panel was that “Storytelling” was the key to engagement and retention [...]

March 5, 2015, Game Developer Conference, San Francisco—We talked with some of the people at Mixamo about their tools for automating the creation and rigging for animation. The on-line tool is focused on humanoid body creation and rigging. Under the hood, the software uses machine learning to expand its baseline database of motions. The system [...]

March 5, 2015, Game Developer Conference, San Francisco—We talked with Peter Busch from Faceware Technologies about their facial capture systems. They make hardware and software for facial recognition and recording, as well as providing various services in the face capture field. The face is the most portion of our beings for emotion and expression, and [...]

March 4, 2015, Game Developer Conference, San Francisco—Jon Peddie from Jon Peddie Research talked about the state of the gaming hardware markets. The company has been tracking various computer graphics markets for some time. The CG industry paralleled the evolution of computers. The first CG terminal was developed for the DEW Line on the ’50′s [...]

March 3, 2015, Game Developer Conference, San Francisco—Chris Hazard from Hazardous Software talked about trust in games. The ability to measure responses allows for the manipulation of player trust through choice and game mechanics. Trust is an essential element in games. The play needs strong goals and it is easy to lose the player if [...]

March 4, 2015, Game Developer Conference, San Francisco,–Jim Fowler from Sony World Wide Studios talked about the need for composers and other music creators to pay attention to more than just the notes. Orchestration depends on instrument combinations and changes in the mix to generate feelings and intensity. The first part of the practice is [...]