Friday, February 27th, 2015

March 2014 – At Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the developers of World of Tanks and the leader in the combat action game genre was showing previews of their new games being updated and release. Their product offering leader is World of Tanks which currently sports 80M+ users world wide and is supported by [...]

March 2014 – At Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, the internationally known minifigures of Lego were making a showing in a new on-line multi-player (MMO) game being developed by FunCom. The game Minifigures On-Line  is a cross-platform game that plays in a browser on the Android/Windows/iOS platform. The game provides the same game play [...]

March 2014 – At Game Developers Conference in SF this year, there were many developments in the graphics community. New additions include ray tracing, hybrid rendering, integrated lighting, 4K display, and DX11 support in the new Baytrail processors for Intel. Imagination Technology was showing their Wizard (formally known as Rogue) GPU which is their ray [...]

March 2014 – At GDC 2014 in San Francisco the Kronos Group held a briefing on their the releases for the graphics software industry. The highlight was the announcement of the official release of the Open GL ES 3.1 extensions which has been anticipated by multiple software suppliers and developers. The highlights of the release [...]

March 2014, Games Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA – GDC has evolved from a niche developers conference to being a central point of commonality for the transmedia content marketplace. This center of commonality now brings together technologists, creatives, artists, business people and “closet geeks and techies” into one show for a chance to meet and [...]

March 2014 – The international presence at GDC is getting larger and more prominent each year. There were ten national pavilions this year (in alphabetical order) : Belgian Trade Commission, Chile (ProChile), Canada (Nova Scotia Pavilion), German Pavilion, Korean Games Association, Nordic Pavilion, Peru (PromPeru), Poland (Polska Gaming), Scottish Development International and the UK Trade [...]

March 2014, Game Developers’ Conference, San Francisco—In one session, the focus was on unique characteristics of a game, “High School Story”, a dating sim where you create a dream high school, choose your click (nerd, jock, etc.), throw parties, go on dates, and dress up in costumes. Some characteristics include: > 1000 unique quests, and [...]

March 2014, Game Developers’ Conference, San Francisco—The gaming industry is going through changes and is seeing more pressure to measure and show results. Some of the issues are cost of loyal users, competition and limited markets, too many games being the same, and targeting isn’t accurate enough. As a result, it is important to optimize [...]

March 2013 – At GDC 2013 in San Francisco, we visited with Three Ring Studios, which has been producing games for Sega since 2001. In 2003, they launched their premier game Puzzle Pirates. This game is an MMO RPG that is playable on PC/Mac and Linux systems. The game has recently been ported to iOS [...]

March 27, 2013, Game Developers Conference, San Francisco—We talked with IncrediBuild about their acceleration platform for software developers. They have the technology to improve Make and Build cycles through sharing of CPU cycles in game development and other vertical markets. By using the Net and parallelism, they emulate a high performance compute network. Most of [...]