Saturday, March 25th, 2017

November 12, 2013, AMD Developer Summit, San Jose, CA—Steve Borho from MulticoreWare detailed the developments on an H.265/HEVC video encoder project. This open source project will produce an encoder set that will eventually replace the H.264 encoders currently in place. The background for the encoders covers much of the video landscape. In video, quality matters, [...]

February 2013 – At the RSA conference, Tilera was showing their 3rd generation programmable product the GX72. This is a 72 tile core that is an addition to the existing GX36 36 core array. The GX36 is a staple of the high throughput community providing 40G I/Os next to high performance computing and access to [...]

January 2013 – This years CES event was the first one to incorporate the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) expo as part of the show. Held in the LVH conference center adjacent to the main LVCC the expo replaced the historic “international pavilion” booths. The camera area was the most crowded at the show day’s 1 [...]

 April 2012 – Las Vegas, NV – Xilinx had three major themes for the NAB show this year – (1) display targeted solutions for high resolution, (2) source code availability for thier real time solutions, and (3) a video over IP solution. The display technology was shown based on the new kintex7 FPGA. Using a [...]

 At IBC in Amsterdam, there was a discussion on video compress for digital data broadcast for consumer use of television. This discussion was based on the further conversion of channels from SD to HD and eventually HD3D. There are several compression methods an each has an associated standard and or codec. The discussions indicated that [...]