Friday, March 24th, 2017

E3, June 2016 – Noel Lee, the founder of Monster Cable, is an entrepreneurial icon in the audio & music industries. He personally designs and tunes every headphones that the company manufactures. Since early 2000s he is active in gaming industry and he presented his products at E3 show this year. In the new presence [...]

April 2016 – We had a chance to test the next generation of studio reference headphones from Beyerdynamics the DT1770PRO. This new headphone is designed for the studio, live location recording, DJ & home studio use. It is the premier platform the BD Tesla drivers which use new materials to create and control a high [...]

 January 2016, At the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, Beyerdynamic, following the introduction of their new General Manager, introduced the long awaited successor to the icon DT770Pro headphones. These headphones became the reference model for the industry for mixing, live performance and studio work since they were introduced over 25 years ago, and are still [...]

January 2016 – At CES 2016 Noel Lee, recent recipient of the CTA Hall of Fame award, launched Monster 2.0. After a 37 year run with the company, they are restarting their focus on the core of the business and reinventing the retail experience. The company is embracing and adjusting to address both the brick [...]

September 16, 2014, Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, San Jose, CA—Min Gyu Kim from Broadcom described their work in designing a high-dynamic range with low noise and distortion headphone driver. Among the other design constraints, they also had to make the part run on very low power to address the needs of portable device users for [...]

June 2014 – At the E3 in addition to the visuals of the game content moving to higher resolution and details, the audio is also changing. More of the games are addressing surround sound to enhance the immersion in the games. This is especially true on the “team games” that are TPS and FPS games. [...]

January 2014, at CES 2014 DTS was able to setup a full surround sound theater with an 11.1 speaker array configuration and a headphone connection. The demonstration was based on technology that was shown in 2013 at GDC, E3, and Siggraph, but this was the first time there was a full 11.1 spatial layout for [...]

  August 2013, I was a first-time attendee at the Gamestop expo in Las Vegas this year. The show was an interesting mix of presentations on market directions and vendor exhibits. This combination is usually found in standard trade events, not single company events. For the market area of gaming, this worked really well.   [...]

 CES is a big, spectacular media event that draws huge crowds, and companies spend a lot of money to give this show a “Hollywood” look. There were many sales pitches, product demonstrations , business meetings, and cocktail parties. This years’ show was no exception. Celebrities showed up to plug their products in grand style, and [...]

January 2013 – Entering the headphone marketplace with a high performance rocker targeted audience is the Motorheadphone products. The product line with several full over the ear models and several in-ear models was shown at CES with an introduction by the front-man of the band for whom the products are named – Lemmy Kilmister of [...]