Friday, March 24th, 2017

June 2016 – At E3 2016 Kingston released their long awaited professional gaming headset for the Xbox One platform. Following the success of the HyperX Cloud II headphones for the PC, the new HyperX CloudX Headphones bring that performance and comfort to the Xbox One. The HyperX Cloud II is one of the mainstays of [...]

November 2015 – Kingston’s HyperX division has rolled out a new design for their professional gaming series headset the Cloud Freestyle series. The new MAV edition has as a graphic design that represents the “maverick” personality of serious gamers. The headphones feature high gloss shell design with the abstract design representing the gaming community. Kingston [...]

June 2015 – Gaming audio was a big part of the E3 expo this year. Besides the main players showing custom game branded headsets, Astro Gaming/SkullCandy was showing a new professional level wireless gaming headset, and two new product major product lines from GioTeck showing both an mono earpiece style device and a new over [...]

 January 2015 – Samsung has made an entry into the consumer premium noise cancelling headphone line with the Level Over Headset. The headphones are available in Black and a White & Tan model. Rare in the marketplace is the combination of a stereo headphone product that has both active noise cancellation and is wireless. The [...]

May 8, 2014, Neurogaming Conference, San Francisco—Chris Berka from Advanced Brain Monitoring talked about the changing requirements for sensors and their integration into fully functional diagnostic and brain interfaces. The need for platform-independent hardware and software is growing as more detailed analyses and studies emerge. Now, human subject studies need to go to multi-phase tests [...]

 July 2012 – At the San Diego Comic-Con Sony Entertainment once again had a booth dominated by their gaming platforms. Showing off their three platforms – the PS3, the PS Vita and their on-line gaming (for the PC) – they were quite crowed with fans seeking access tot he latest features, downloads and collectibles. On [...]

 January 2012, As result of the recent rise in advanced imaging and motion control with head and eye movement for the gaming and generalized computer use, we contacted the Co-Founder of iScan Corporation of Cambridge MA to get an update on the industry and their products. For those that are unfamiliar with iScan, they have [...]

 January 10, 2012, At the PEPCOM event that accompanied CES and also at the main show support for sports and activities with electronics was growing. While the medical pavilion housed most of the biometric measurement for these sports, under the basis of exercise management, these other areas focused on media capture and delivery. For the [...]

 Sept 2011 – Continuing our review of gaming headphones, we had a chance to test the Rude Gameware Primal Gaming Audio Wireless headphones and microphone for the Xbox360. These headsets were tested in both single player mode and multi-player mode using on-line chat in the gaming platforms.   Rude Gameware – Primal Wireless Headset for Xbox [...]

 July 2011 – Continuing our post E3 review of gaming headphones, we had a chance to test the Nox ( Specialist headphone which are a muti-platform headset when used with the Nox Negotiator Gaming adapter. These headsets were tested in both single player mode and multi-player mode using on-line chat in the gamng platforms. Nox [...]