Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

December 2016 – We recently had a chance to review, in a live production environment, the HP Zbook 15 G3 mobile workstation and the HP Zbook 17 G3 mobile workstation. Both of the units featured fifth generation Xeon quad core processors, discrete Nvidia graphics, 15.6” UHD Dreamcolor displays and Windows 10 Pro. The workstations were [...]

July 2016 – At the StudioXperience area at SIGGRAPH HP workstations was showing their Z series computing and display products for the professional content creation space. The start of exhibit area was the DreamColor professional displays, then the desktop workstations and finally the portable workstations which now can have integrated DreamColor displays. HP DreamColor Professional [...]

October 2015 – In preparation for the holiday season, HP’s PC division and workstation groups showed off their new line of all-in-one, laptop / convertible devices for consumers and business class & workstation class computers. The binding thread for all the new releases is the ability to create and consume multi-media content. The design theme [...]

August 2015 – During IDF, AMD was showing some of the systems with their new Carrizo class mobile, low power processor. The systems on display included laptops and all-in-ones from Lenovo and HP, that featured the new process built on the Excavator series processors, high density libraries and new architecture. The key in this new [...]

August 2015 – At SIGGRAPH 2015, the focus on mobile devices and computers were workstation class machines that are the core of the content creation industry. Unlike consumer applications where data can all be sent up to the cloud for processing and restarting a task due to a crash or bad data is just annoying, [...]

September 2014 – At the HP workstation briefing in Ft Collins, CO they were showing off the latest version of the professional displays, plus some prototype that have in progress in R&D. The kickoff of the briefing on displays was done by Ann Lai – Director of the Commercial Business Segment for the Displays Business [...]

September 2014 – HP introduced a refresh on their market leading Z series workstations. The full product line – the 4XX, 6XX, and 8XX desktop/rack mount workstations have all been updated to support the new E5-1600/2600 Gen 3 processors and chipsets. The ZBook line has been updated to support the Gen4 i5 and i7 processors. [...]

April 6, 2014, NAB, Las Vegas—HP introduced a new set of DreamColor Displays, which claim to offer better color gamut and higher resolution. The new displays include new functionality to simplify system integration and ongoing operations. The displays supply color-critical 4K support for production functions. The HP Z27x and Z24x displays for PCs and Macs [...]

September 19, 2013, SNIA Analytics and Big Data Summit, Santa Clara, CA—Muthukumar Murugan from HP Storage talked about big data from a storage systems perspective. The trends and issues associated with big data call for an evolution of the whole storage paradigm. The storage concerns for big data include the obvious volume of data, the [...]

September 18, 2013, Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Sam Fineberg from HP and Simona Rabinovici-Cohen from IBM talked about combining cloud, tape, and container format technologies for long-term big data retention. With the move in big data to use historical information as part of the analytics, long-term data retention becomes a necessity. Big data is [...]