Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

September 2016 – At IBC 2016, Imagine Communications introduced their next offering in the area of media storage. Historically, the storage component of a media flow was a physical presence of a SAN, NAS or DAS device. Modern flows now need to work from a Virtual IP base, and this requires a redesign of where [...]

June 2016 – In San Diego, CA the Evonexus Digital Media SIG hosted a distinguished panel of experts comprising David J. Mowrey, VP of Product Management at Clearleap, Steve Adler, CTO of MyTVStudio and Jamie Howard former CEO of Imagine Communications, to discuss the current and emerging technical and business challenges of delivering high quality [...]

April 2016 - At the end of the day, the market is more and more competitive and we need our customers not only survive but also thrive – stated Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications (IC), moderator of the power session “Transformation 2016: Media Technology Using IP, Cloud and Virtualization”. The session that took place at [...]

April 2016 - Two years ago when we started to talk about IP and a question was – Can we do it? A year ago we were asking – Should we do it? This year a question is – How we do it? Steve Reynolds from Imagine Communications was describing the inception of AIMS, Alliance for [...]

December 2015 – A major move for the broadcast industry is the transition from SDI to IP.  This transition will include not only infrastructure, but also interoperability and workflows for the new broadcast methodology.  To help guide this transition, a new industry group has been formed that is called the Alliance for IP Media Solutions [...]

September 2015 – At IBC 2015, Imagine Communications introduced a new software service and product for Just in Time Transcode (JITT) that is available in the cloud and can be run on any web server. The product is called SelenioNext. In addition to being a real time transcoder for both live data feeds and UDP [...]

September 2015 – Imagine Communications recently released version 3 of the Versio platform. The version 2 was an appliance that handing the baseband control, input/output, clip control and all the other standard functions of the broadcast. The version 2 appliance, however, was constrained by the bandwidth and distribution limitations of the coax that connected the [...]

April 2014 – At NAB , we had a chance to sit down at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas for a few minutes and talk to the new CEO of Harris Broadcast, Charlie Vogt. The company has undergone a number of big changes lately. First by being spun out from the parent company, Harris [...]