Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

March 2016 – At the RSAC in San Francisco, we spoke to Trend Micro about the changing landscape of the security marketplace and the times of threats and threat sources that are present. As an overriding observation, the environment for security has changed – it is no longer trying to be disruptive on just a [...]

August 2015 – A recent Churchill Club event in Palo Alto focused on the current state of the Drone industry and the near term future of the marketplace. The panel consisted of Skydio, Dronebase, DJI, 3D Robotics and Skycatch and the discussion was moderated by Robin Murdoch of Accenture. The drone market is maturing and [...]

June 2015 – Ori Inbar is the organizer of the Augmented World Expo and the Executive Director of After a slight delay from the scheduled time at the show while Ori was addressing physical realities of the dynamics of a several hundred attendee show logistics on opening day, we sat down for a short [...]

December 2013, Greenliant has just introduced an industrial/automotive grade targeted eMMC NAND Flash SSD with a small form factor BGA assembly. Available in the 4G-32G configurations of MLC NAND, with future products approaching 128G, the products address the growing memory needs for in-cabin applications. High density memory has been a challenge in the automotive arena [...]

October 24, 2012, Renesas DevCon, Anaheim, CA—We talked with Cathy Dotson, Dale Maunu, Dean Collins, and Yuji Kondo from NLT Displays about their various display products. The displays are from the former NEC LCD Technologies company and geared for industrial use. The context for the display group is that they are not in the consumer-grade [...]