Thursday, March 30th, 2017

August 10, 2015, Los Angeles—Joichi Ito, the director of the MIT Media Lab, talked about the interdisciplinary research center, and how it works to transcend boundaries. The Lab considers R & D as a function for learning without the normal constraints of departments and fields of study. The Lab is comprised of 24 groups, each [...]

July 2015 – At Semicon West in San Francisco, Leti summarized there current activities in the semiconductor and electronics arena. They had a total of six presentations lead off by their CEO Marie Semeria. Marie presented the high level view of the company including their innovation strategy. As a centralized research facility, partnership is support [...]

July 2015 – At the Silicon Valley Innovation Summit presented by Always On, there was a panel discussion on the directions for ad tech vs marketing tech. This panel followed a keynote presentation by Smaato on their mobile ad micro auction site and service. The stakes are high for the monitization model as the content [...]

January 29, 2014, DesignCon, Santa Clara, CA—Eileen Bartholomew from the X-Prize Foundation talked about creating a new future through breakthrough technologies. Before anyone can get a breakthrough, the concept is just another crazy idea. Breakthroughs change the directions and drivers for the future. Although our life seemed to be local and linear the world is [...]

June 13, 2013, Association for Corporate Growth, San Jose, CA—An executive panel considered the issues of innovation in their respective industries. Sharma Banerjee from Socialtext moderated the panel, and panelists were Komathi Stem from Genentech, Stan Rosenschein from BranchTime, Brian Steel from UC Berkeley, and Karoly Nikolich from Circuit Theraputics. While the open innovation movement [...]

April 29, 2013, Open source Business Conference, San Francisco—Jim Whitehurst from Red Hat talked about open source going into the mainstream and losing its niche status. The trends and drivers in the industry are coming from a newfound respect for the values of open source software. The shifts start with technology and innovation. As a [...]

 March 18, 2013, NPD Flat-Panel Display Conference, San Jose, CA—A panel from industry looked at the issues in flat panel development and product feature specification. Paul Gagnon from NPD DisplaySearch moderated the panel. Panel members were Jim Sandusky from Sharp, Tim Alessi from LG Electronics, Ken Lowe from Vizio, Henry Hauser from Panasonic, Dan Schinasi [...]

November 2012 – At the 2012 Richard Newton Global Technology Leaders Conference held at UC Berkeley, the theme was “Engineering Innovation by Design”. Held in conjunction with the 5th annual Global Entrepreneurs Week, the half day event discussed a number of drivers of change in innovation in engineering. The event opened with an introduction to [...]

 I was happy that Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of CEA was able to make time for a short interview during the 2012 CE Industry Forum, which took place in San Francisco in October. It is a busy time of year when the industry leaders gather to predict the trends and discuss the consumer electronics [...]

October 30, San Francisco –The CEA Industry Forum, which alternates between San Francisco and Los Angeles, this year, it took place in the SF Bay area. October, when the event was held, is Innovation month for that city as declared by its Mayor Ed Lee. The CEA and CE Industry are all about innovation. The [...]