Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

April 6, 2016, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Erik Beaumont form Ventuz Technology talked about enhancing video feeds with better real-time graphics. Some of the functional areas where enhanced graphics capabilities can be used include broadcast, large events, showrooms, launch event, and video walls. The various venues can be improved through the use of dynamic [...]

June 2014 – At Infocomm, Westinghouse was showing off an 84” interactive display wall operates as a digital whiteboard with a single multi-touch panel. The high res 4K display uses an IR bezel to produce the multi-touch capability. The whiteboard is unique in that is runs full Windows 8 using an embedded PC that is [...]

July 22, 2014, Casual Connect Conference, San Francisco—Kelly Fennig from the National Film Board of Canada described his efforts to use gaming tools and conventions to make an art exhibition more interactive. The challenge is that the transformation of a photo exhibit into a “non-game” requires also making it accessible for non-gamers. The idea of [...]

January 2013 – A new exhibitor at NAMM 2013 was Sound Magic. The software company has developed an interactive 3D music program that allows for on-demand spacial placement of tracks and sounds on a virtual stage to create a custom playback perfomance. Using a multi-track (4 track) source that is nominally from Cubase software, at [...]

January 2013, Menlo Park, CA—We talked with Trent Waterhouse and Neeraj Pendse from Elo Touch Solutions about their latest new products. The offerings are moving in two directions, bigger and smaller. The new products, a 70-inch interactive display and a 10-inch tablet represent a change in their business. The new display is designed for interactive [...]

September 2012 – In a recent meeting with Dr. Paul Kim at CTO for the School of Education at Stanford, we saw the latest results on their SMILE system. SMILE stands for the Stanford Mobile Inqury Based Learning Environment and is a USAID program that is sponsored by Marvell Semiconductor. The premise of the course [...]

 March 19, 2012, Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Neeraj Pendse from TE Touch Solutions talked about interactive digital signage. This growing marketplace is changing the way companies are supplying information in public areas. Digital signage is a $2 B industry, and is expected to grow to $3 B by ’16. The market includes [...]